Life Force – part 1-2

This is two conversations or interviews if you like with a person highly knowledgeable in both food production, farming and gardening from a Life Force perspective. Her name is Susanne Hovmand, she is Danish, and she and her husband was the owner of the largest farm production in Denmark based on biodynamics including animals, vegetables, herbs and furthermore refined into products of a quality, that has received worldwide attention such as cheese and others products.

Lately Susanne Hovmand has in the last couple of years taken the biodynamic concept to another level and is now the primary initiator of a worldwide movement of farmers and producers following the principles of Life Force. You will want to check out this website: The initiative is to be seen as part of a huge project called The Restauration Plan for the whole World.

This first conversation will establish an understanding of WHAT IS LIFE FORCE? You will not find any person that is more well founded in explaining the overall and general way Life Force of the soil, the plants, the microorganisms, the animals and the human beings are interacting. Or IS interacting, because it is one and the same Force of Life.

The second conversation will further elaborate on the understanding of WHAT IS LIFE FORCE?

Life Force is not a fluffy newage’y concept but a very real thing. There is no doubt, that the stubborn – in the good sense πŸ™‚ β€“ work of Susanne Hovmand is now catching fire in a big scale. Her backdrop is actual and real science combined with the experience and practice not only her own circle but gathered from thousands of producers in the last hundred years the concept under different labels.

Although there is great knowledge in a small group of food producers, farmers and gardeners in Denmark, the impact of the industrial agro-powers of the country have been so strong, that the breakthrough may not happen inside the country but come from the outside. A rather shameful fact, since Denmark has and old and very accomplished tradition for good food production.

Life Force – Food, farming and gardening is a concept developed by Susanne Hovmand, former owner of the heritage estate of Knuthenlund, where she already years ago won great international attention. Certain people in the establishment, the industry and may we say corrupt banking system β€“ we are not accusing them beyond shear facts, since Den Danske Bank is now infamous for its huge money laundring affairs in Lithuania, the largest of its kind in Europe the year it was revealed – these people conspired, and we have to use this word, to put Knuthenlund out of business.

Today Susanne runs a large but not huge family food producing farm in the same area of Southern Denmark. What is even as important is the international networking skills that is now bearing fruit. The concept is much more that just producing food and has great ethical, social, economic and spiritual implications – and political too. You will also want to visit the site

So WHAT is Life Force then? Well, I guess you will have to watch the two video interviews to get a real understanding. The concept in the context of food has been developing mainly in the vicinity of biodynamic farming starting with the impulse of Rudolf Steiner. You may argue, that Life Force – Food, farming and gardening is a rebranding of the biodynamic concept. I would argue that it is Biodynamic 2.0 in the wave of new discoveries, profound science developments, regenerative farming, permaculture, prepared carbon, a.s.o. and with a much broader potential offset in an awakening population, where the words organic and ecology have become daily words.

The timing is right to go deeper. We have just started, and we get closer to a full understanding of what Life is meant to be and how to reconnect to the very Force of Life, that for too long has spurred envy and concern among, shall we say, darker forces on the planet.