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Spell Breaker

I have been looking for a key word.
What I mean by that is a word or a phrase able to describe, what 2021 will be all about. Or could be all about.
In my own opinion of course, since I am no prophet. 
I am only one guy that may or may not be able to read and decode the writing on the wall.
I believe this word could be Spell Breaker.

The World and its inhabitants – that is WE – have been living under a spell. A curse would be another term. An illusion yet another. The spell has been cleverly created for us. But that is only part of the power of the spell. A spell never works unless it is recognized as such. We have accepted and therefore co-created the spell. 

Oh no, this is bad news, one would think. We have participated in creating our own misery, we are guilty as such. Well … yes. But look at it another way, a much more productive and beneficial way. If we have to use the word guilt, it is actually the good news. If we were without guilt, we would be without any responsibility. Someone else did it, some really bad and ugly creatures, we are helpless, alas! But since we are guilty, let us the own the guilt. The good news is, that now we can take a close look at what we did, and how we participated in our own misery.

The bad and ugly creatures are out there, for sure. The spell casters, the black magicians have been running the show. Lately they have basically been stepping out of the shadows and admitted, who they are and what they have done. They don’t feel too shy either about telling us, what they intend to do next. Their hitherto hidden blueprints, plans and internal schemes and schedules have been dropped in the open, and they seem to add a strange kind of mockery on top saying: We don’t give a damn, because you are helpless and we will do it anyway whether you jump or dance.

That has always been part of the spell. The creation and maintaining of peoples sense of helplessness. In the age of conspiracy theories – for the most part not theories at all – there has been a tendency to grant some sort of absolute powers to the rulers of the world. We have exagerated their powers. We have been scaring ourselves. We have stolen our own powers and willingly donated them to the grand projection of our worst fears. It’s the story of the Wizard of Oz. As we know from this classic childrens tale, it took only one little girl and her dog to tear down the curtain and break the spell. And of course a cowardly lion, a tin woodman and a scarecrow to regain their missing parts: the courage, the heart and the brain.

It’s the story of spell breaking. It takes the courage. But isn’t that deciding not to scare yourself? It takes the heart. But isn’t that allowing yourself to feel the pain, the shame and the guilt and say: bring it on, I can handle it, I own it, you can’t use it against me any more. And allow something completely different to fill that space. And it takes the brain. But isn’t that allowing yourself to actually know, what went on? Part of the spell has been due to the amount of ignorance.

The smell and the spell

For some, the ignorance has been the easiest to start with. Or at least the most obvious. Even if it seemed an overwhelming task, SO much ignorance, where to even begin? Well you can start … here. Any corner will do. At some point you will realize, that the amount of ignorance is a complex of design. We have been held in ignorance. But once you have smelled the rat, you can never un-smell it. 

No better example than history. Looking back, World History is filled with powerful peoples wars against other powerful people. It almost seems like people had nothing else to do that wage wars against other people. Which, of course, is totally untrue. PEOPLE had a whole lot else to do that waste their time and their lives killing other people, who were also busy doing all sorts of other things. But it is very-very expensive to live as nobilities in fine castles with dine-and-wine and a lot of servants. They were always in need of resources to maintain their lifestyle. They had to steal it from someone. For that purpose, people for centuries and millennia were pushed into wars, that were never in their interest. So when the warlords succeeded in victorious conquest, they instantly hired a bunch of scribes to tell the story. World history is basically a bunch of different versions of successful stories of battles fought, land conquered and people killed. 

Here’s where the lies creep in. There are two sayings, two pieces of cocktail parlance if you want to virtue signal, that you have a brain with some critical ability. Both about war. 

The first one goes: 

Well, we know that the first thing, that is sacrificed in a war is the truth … any more champagne? cheers!
And the conversations took other directions. So what you we say here, is that they sacrificed the truth to make people go into a war and get killed for … for what?! They lied before the war, and they would never consider telling the truth in the middle of the war, would they now it’s rolling along? And here comes the miracle: Suddenly, SUDDENLY! behold a miracle! After the war, these people that brought people into war and spilled the precious lives of thousand or even millions of young mens lives, suddenly these people are telling the truth. And we allow them to write their version of what went on and why.

Which leads us to the second parlance phrase at the intellectual cocktail party:

Well, we know, that the victor of the war always writes history … any more fois gras?
The victor comes to dance on the grave of his victim, the slain enemy. But as we have seen already with the first parlance phrase, this history is nothing but a lie, and just making these very strong statements to show off while never realizing, that what you are saying may be a truth with huge implications and consequenses – that’s a huge blunder in itself.

If World History is the victors self glorifying version of the events of the war and what went on before, during and after, why are we taught this in school? Mainly because people in their relief of peace, eg. after two exhausting and traumatizing world wars in 1945, just want this peace and do not question the story. They probably believe in it, and how would they know the lie in those days, where all news could be controlled and the internet wasn’t invented. But if the war was a big filthy lie, isn’t the peace a lie also? Is it not just an intermission between the previous war and the next one to come? And how do we know? Because people still pay income taxes, and such taxes are illegally prolonged war taxes in peace time. The new war is already being financed.

And sure enough, after the two world wars we have seen hundreds of wars all over the world. Peace never arrived.

Signs of spell breaking

Nonetheless, the last four years surprisingly has been a time of war de-escalation. I have been so fortunate to live in a non-hot warzone called Denmark. The paradox is, that Denmark has participated cowardly behind the back of big brother USA in a handful of wars just because of our membership of NATO. Iraq, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya. We played the role of the clean-up team like back in the Korean War. In Libya we played a more aggressive role by actually bombing the country. We know a lot today of how the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton created this war on a regime, that was of absolutely no threat to the United States – to steal the oil, the gold, the magnificent water tech and to create a base for terrorists to be send to Syria together with stolen weapons. They destroyed a country in North Africa and the Arab states with the highest general living standard and murdered a president with a 95% support from his people, which no leader in the West had ever had. Just as we said above: They created a big, filthy lie and went to war. Remember Benghazi.

But no new wars have been initiated by an aggressive US military in these latest four years. The American president has participated in ending the war in Syria. Maybe he takes a bit more credit for it, than he has earned, because it was the Russians and the Syrians themselves, that did the dirty job. But he did stop funding and supporting ISIS unlike Obama. The war in the Ukraine has been de-escalating. We know a lot about how the Obama administration created this war by putting a neofascist/neonazi regime in place. Ask mr. Biden. The tension with North Korea has been decreased. The tension in the Middle East has been highly decreased and peaceful treaties have been established with Israel. 

What could a second period for the same president not bring? Probably an agreement with Iran, that has been a weird collaboration partner with the sinister Obama admin, that spilled container loads of $ on them. Rumors are telling, that Mr. Obama himself has Iranian roots. I have not been able to verify that, but it would explain certain weirdness. Probably some kind of resolution with China could be reached. Problem here – BIG problem! – is, that a real solution is not going to happen, as long as the CCP is in power. China is right now in a deep inner crisis, and totalitarian regimes will always channel this to outer aggressions. 

But here is an interesting angle on that. The breakdown of the Soviet Union happened simultaneously with the union losing its resourceful satellite provinces in Central Asia = all the provinces that became new nations with -stan in the end. The Pipeline’istans of Globalistan. Right now we see a containment of China losing its allies. The communists have not been successful in implementing their great dream of One Belt, One Road, the New Silk Road. Their vasal states do not trust them any longer. The bad news is, that China is now the biggest threat to world peace. The good news is, that we are witnessing the death of the communist party these years. If you are looking for an explanation for the Chinese wanting Mr. Trump out of office so badly, look no further.

It is obvious how they treat their own citizens and how they have been trying to export their control system to the West. This leads us to directly to the way, the BigTech corporations have acted over the same four years. We are seing exactly the same control mechanisms used by the Chinese to suppress their population. The good news here is, that people are getting tired of them beginning to realize, how pure evil Google is – remember their slogan years ago, that they decided not to use any longer … becauce the ARE evil. If the americans succede in holding the fraudsters of the election accountable and overturn the fraud, we will probably see severe actions against the Tech companies.

Spell LIVE backwards, and you get EVIL.
The spell is backwardness.

Especially 2020 has been the start of a major spell breaker for a lot of people. Yet another operation of pure evil was implemented, and now the whole world bear masks for absolutely no reason – and with great damage for their health too. Breaking the spell of the media has been going on, but I believe that 2021 will be the year where we will see the media breaking down under the weight of their own lies. 

We need to spell check the spell casters.
We need to fact check the fact checkers.

What was the real purpose of the covid-operation? It was the killing of every independant producer on planet Earth and the ultimate take-over by the globalist corporations. A system is what it does. The death of small companies world wide is EXACTLY what has been the result, therefore THAT IS the purpose of the operation. They call it the Global Reset. We may call it Fascism 2.0. And many more names like transhumanism, since the agenda of the technocrats in the World Economic Forum , the representatives of the largest corporations and financial interests in the world, is depopulation and dehumanization of the inhabitants of the planet. It is the reset of the human species into some sort of amputated … thing that can be micro-managed. Look back a couple of centuries and summarize what has taken place and you will see, that dehumanization is at its core, so: A system is what it does.

We need to re-humanize the dehumanized.
We need to unmanage the managed.

Seeing that elephant in the room will be the major spell breaker and to most people this grand scale picture is still out of scope. Yet 2021 has it coming. 



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