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An interview with myself

This is an auto interview, meaning I am interviewing me-myself. I find it convenient as a mind trick for stepping backwards and deliberately splitting my brain. I am distancing I-myself from me. 


How did you get to know all this stuff about the world?


I guess it was build into me from the start. I am an adopted child that grew up as the only child in my family. That meant I was always a bit different that other children. There is some kind of trauma connected with being separated from a biological mother, but my new mother was my real mother. A mother is the woman, that takes care of you as a child, and I had a dear and loving mother. The child also adopts the mother – and the father too. And my father was always very important to me and taught me how to be a descent human being – which I hope I am, of course 😉

But this trauma – and all human beings have traumas of some kind – made me a bit introvert and thoughtful. It also made me creative, and I chose an artistic road early on. First I was a successful dancer, and then I became a musician. You may say I was privileged to grow up in a quiet, protecting and supportive family and I feel very thankful of that. But it meant that certain more serious or rough aspects of life didn’t occur to me early on. 

As a big boy or young man I involved myself in voluntary work with a political dimension. When you are young – at least in my generation – you were supposed to go left wing. A leftist brain always seek to simplify the world, and leftism offers some really easy solutions to explaining the world. It’s very seductive, and many young people fall into the trap. You have the bad guys and the good guys, and you are sure to be among the good guys. Leftism is a pseudo-religion, a cult.

They promise you a lot, and there are always the bad guys – or the system and the society or the old assholes to blame it on, when the promise doesn’t come through. And it never does, that’s the thing.

They promise you, that everything should be free. Nothing is free. Someone else will pay for the free stuff. Generations to come will pay.

They promise you, that every one should be equal. People are not equal, since there are some incredibly stupid people out there, that never would be able to handle equality with smart people.

They promise you, that all wealth should be distributed equally. Which is really a bad idea, since the stupid people will waste all their wealth on stupid things.

They promise you – and this is the most disturbing of all their promises – that they will work for justice and righteousness among people. No they won’t. Everything they touch turns into shit! And why? Because they are totally dependant on misery, so they can claim to be the saviour of the miserable. This means, that they will create everything, they say they are fighting in order to promote themselves and their cause of self interest. I think we call it virtue signalling today.

They promise you freedom of speech. Which only goes for themselves, since they will try everything to make people shut up or look ridiculous, that have other thoughts on reality than them.


But now you are getting ahead of yourself, because that is what you know today, or …?


You are absolutely right. And we should all admit, that as a young person you are terribly naive. And I was. As you say, I am post-rationalizing here. But let me just finish the thought of leftism, because that was where I was in my early years, and I would say way up in my thirties and even forties. I let it code into my mind and become a habit, a premise. The thing about leftism is, that it seems to fixate you in a condition of immaturity, that can last your whole life. It makes you not-think, because someone has thought it all over already. Leftism has monopolized moral high ground, which is probably their biggest trick and lie. They have no morality left any longer, and they admit it! We don’t want this old shit, morality, tear it down, they say. They provide the whole totalitarian package of easy solutions – that solves absolutely nothing. But it was never meant to, that’s the whole point. 

The first hint of something wrong was, when I saw as a music student at the University of Copenhagen, how the Marxist teachers manipulated history. They lied to the students in order to sell an ideology. And they even dared to call the ideology science, because this is, what Marxism claims to be. Another lie, Marxism is as scientific as Scientology.

Later I fell in love with vocal music from the renaissance, which is kind of politically incorrect. The Institute of Musicology in Copenhagen today has more or less thrown out courses in old music and all the students are into pop, jazz, rock and music sociology. They know very little about the Western tradition of music except from a short and shallow introduction in the beginning of the study. Musicology has been politicized like literature science was the first to do. Humanist studies are not science, they are ideology cloaked as science. The scientific methods are applied to some extend, but you are never rewarded for questioning the premise. You will have to comply to the dogmas and the authorities, or you can forget about a career in academia. You may become a musician, which is fine and well, but that that has nothing with science to do. That’s what I did.

I really didn’t think much about it, since I was busy doing my job and developing my skills as a musician and music teacher. In the 90’s I do remember the war in Kosovo very clearly. I was totally mainstream with that and thought, that the Serbian president was an tyrant, that deserved to be kicked out. It took me almost 20 years to figure out, that our understanding of the event was build on a lie and was a dirty NATO-operation in order to break down former Yugoslavia.

Meanwhile I had changed my skillset to multimedia and graphics. I knew I was not going to teach high school students music for the rest of my life, so I studied film and media as my second topics. Later I went freelance with that, and this is what I do today – not as a freelancer though, I had to give it up in 2009 with the Global Financial Crisis. Which by the way was one of the events that made me wonder, what the f-word that was all about. 

A couple of years before that, I remember 9/11 of course and I know, that many people got triggered by this weird event to look into the official story. We tend to forget, that a lot of people did the same after the JFK assassination. It took me 10 years to figure out, that this was a big lie too. Like most leftist brains I easily understood, that George Bush was a scoundrel and a liar, but who made him do it? Very soon after, I experienced my first period of unemployment, and as we say in Danish: Vacancy is the root of all evil 😉 You have time to think, uuh never try that at home, you know what I mean? 


It seems to me, that political stuff is one thing, but there is a lot of psychology hidden there. Isn’t that so?


For sure, and I have to do a flashback here. Psychology and spirituality, I would say. I had a period in my early 20’ies where I became very introvert and practiced meditation and yoga. I think that changed my world view, my psychology if you want. Or let me put it this way: It put some seeds into my mind, that grew without my awareness. I started to read books, I didn’t fully understand. Books about mysticism, spiritual stuff. Two books really made an impact: The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda and a biography of G.I. Gurdjieff by John G. Bennett. Very fascinating and highly entertaining books, but there was some disturbing deep stuff in them, that sticked as unfinished business. It’s the meaning of life, that we all need to ask for, isn’t it?

The ackward thing is, that both marxism-light, I would call it – almost noone actually read Marx – and spirituality-light in the New Age version was part of the trends. 

While we are at it, another book made an impression in those years: the autobiography of Dmitri Sjostakovitch. I did not fully understand, what he was talking about, I mean his impossible life as a composer in the Stalin years. Or what the life as a citizen in the Soviet State meant at all, it was just unimaginable. I did not understand, that it was the whole concept of socialism, that was evil. Like many leftists I made the sloppy excuse to myself, that the idea was good enough, it was only this guy Stalin, that spoiled the idea. That’s what the leftists will always say to save their lazy butt, when they promote a socialist society: Oh, but that was not real socialism, that was Stalinism. Well, have you asked the Russians, what they think about that? Like me in those days, they never understood, that it was totally fucked up by design from the beginning. After all, the Cold War had not ended yet, and all the information had not come out yet. It wasn’t so hard to be fooled.

Today there is no such excuse. I am merciless with myself, if I don’t see it clearly, I have to know. I have also become merciless with people, that refuse to look into it, when it is out in the open and smack-in-your-face. Everything is accessible today and yet people still gobble up their TV-set and feed themselves with lies. That is how leftism managed to poison the mainstream reality and the world view of most people.


So what gave you the latest opening into seeing, what is going on, and when was that? Did you jump into Alex Jones and InfoWars and all that stuff?


Kind of, you don’t become wise overnight. But the main source was a guy, that combined the two sets of understanding in a very profound way. He is almost off the radar today, Michael Tsarion. His knowledge of a range of topics like history, politics, psychology, philosophy and esotericism is extensive and profound. He is still alive and about my age, I would think, but you don’t see him on eg. YouTube any more.

Studying his lectures pushed me into the full spectrum of questioning the big picture. There is a lot of stones, that need to be lifted, and there is some kind of creep and creature hiding underneath each and every one. The amount of lies is astonishing, it’s all fricking over! 

I started to take notes, and as I learned in my years in college: When you take notes, write down the essence. Finish the job. If you can do that, you may even have understood, what you have read. If you can’t put it down in a short version, you have definitely not understood it. When I wrote my final thesis in musicology, I was able to take my notes and plug them directly into the main text. So if I could do that, why not make it a habit again and make all I hear and read available as a diary to other people. I mean, if they could use it, be my guest. If not, no harm done. And if no one reads it, fine with me, I’ll do it for my own sake.

I started up a blog-site called Paradigmet, which is Danish for The Paradign. It was a .blogspot-site then, and it still exists out there. You can find it on and that was the first layer of personal research, you can say. It got some attention out there, and I made new friends locally with the same interest in examining the big picture. I have left that circle of people for various reasons, but I consider them good people with a lot of insight in spite of their fringeness and a whole bunch of traumas and fucked-up-ness. 

Here you go again, traumatized people who are knocked off the track are sometimes, where wisdom lingers. Can you befriend them in the long run? that’s another question. Their minds are unclean, so to speak. As is your own, mind you, no exception here! But if you want to move on, this will exhaust your life energy. Due to their heavy traumas and inner darkness, they tend to fall in love with the darkness of the world.

I had shifted to my own domain and .dk, which became rather a success. I invited a co-writer, and we were able to create quite a lot of attention. We competed on a friendly basis, and I developed a certain writing style. We sometimes got so many hits, that Google censored us. People from all over read it. We were blocked from Russian readers in periods if we dared to suggest, that Russians had the right to chose their own president and protect themselves against the fascists in Washington DC. Remember, that was during the Obama administration with endless wars and aggressions. I mean, this guy attacked Libya, the Ukraine and Syria and created ISIS and got the Nobel Peace Price for it! On a race track with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush in the sports of lying, war mongering and corrupting people, he won by far. I guess he just wrote a book with 800 pages lying about his lying.

So the site reached around a million hits. I had compressed the best stuff into a heavy book that was published under the long title translated to: The Paradigm – A study of the undercurrent of seemingly indisputable presupposition of our shared reality. I wrote and published a poetry collection also – I won’t translate that title, it can’t be done. I think political poetry slamming is an interesting subgenre, and I see it around but not a lot. Or rather culture critique in a poetic form. That’s not critique in the culture Marxist sense, one of their other thefts and lies. They believe to have perfected critique and claim to have occupied and monopolized it. Problem is – BIG problem: The never-ever perform self critique. For them it is a weapon of mass destruction on Western culture, which is their main purpose. They are not interested in truth, in fact they have banned the word. They are interested in deconstruction, a fancy egghead word for destruction.

And because they are totally without self critique, the project all the time. And I mean ALL the time! Everything they accuse their hate icons of being guilty of, is exactly what they themselves are doing. And many of them actually believe in it, that how strong a tunnel vision, they have created.

My partner on the Paradigmet was a brilliant guy, one of the most intelligent persons I have met. But he was too much in love with the darkness, and in order to clean up, as I explained, I had to pull out. The site still exists, but I have no idea, what is going on there, except for sure: It’s dark! The guy went full Never-Trump’er by the way, but this was just one reason to get the hell out of there.

The thing with parts of the underground resistance is, that they only know how to define themselves in opposition. Everything that comes from any person in any government must then be evil. Like the leftists, they have become reactionary, it’s a one way road for them, they have become ney-sayers and globalist-hangouts without knowing it. I find it very sad.

So, I deleted myself from the project and started all over again with Knowing of course, that all the readers would be lost up front, but not forever. I thought for two years, that no one read it until just recently when I looked in the statistics and found out, that it had done 150.000 hits in just two years! And in Danish, a minority language that only 5 million people understand, and with difficult topics in articles up to 50 written pages, that is not bad at all. Then I saw, that quite a few English-reading-speaking people dropped by. They must have Google-translated. So just recently, I decided to start an English version, I should have chosen .com, since it is not .dk’ish, but never mind. I started the 1st of January 2021 and in just one week it got 500 views, which tells me, that in two years it will surpass nedersteetage in readers.

Like I told you, I normally don’t care about the amount of readers. Or to put it better: It is more important for me, what I write and that I write. And then, secondarily, I don’t mind that some people read it. That was the reason to start, and of course it is important. Especially in these dire times where global fascism strikes hard. We MUST speak up, while we still can. Tomorrow it may be too late. The fascists want to isolate and intimidate people – and kill them by the billions! Exaggerating? Not the least, they now openly admit, what they have been hinting for decades and even for a century. And the leftovers they want to turn into cyborgs, which is what the whole global vaccination program following the covid scam is all about.


Isn’t that, what you will be called a paranoid conspiracy theorist for?


Oh yes! And I take it as a badge of honor, because it means, that I hit a nerve. The sad thing is, that this poisonous character assassinating word comes out of the mouth of all the normies, the people, who haven’t understood A THING about the present reality and now are censoring other people on behalf of … well, they don’t even know it.

Here in Denmark we have a concept called The Law of Jante. It’s a set of unwritten rules for bringing people down to the ground, and every sentence starts with. Don’t think, that … and then goes on like … that you are anything … that you are worthy of attention … that you have anything to say … that you … I think you get it instantly. The slamming of the word conspiracy theorist in the face of others is Jante 2.0, it is cancel culture, censorship, shut-up-ness, the end of free speech and the end of authorities and governments responsibility towards the people. Don’t think, that you have the right to demand answers. Don’t think, that there’s anything to be seen. Don’t think, that we will listen to you, when … Same shit all over again!

This is why, I think, that Denmark turned into a socialism-light society called social democracy, which today is nothing more than pink-and-fluffy fascism. It is printed into our minds. The Law of Jante and its dogma of mediocracy and social submission is build into our cultural psyche. 


But didn’t the social democrats bring about a wellfare society, that we all benefit from?


So, we have to understand a bit of history there. They will be judged by their deeds, when the day is over. It’s not that they have never done anything for the population. Else they would not have been in power for so long and made even their opponents follow their policy. There is really no difference between left and right in Denmark, they just uphold the illusion.

The thing about wellfare society is, that we learn to be cynical and to ignore our neighbors and our family, because the State will take care of this. Then we get lazy, because why get a work when you can make the State pay for your daily cenveniences? There is a whole culture of figuring out how to cheat the society, the system, the State so that you don’t have to pull yourself together. I know people, who have made cheating their main income. The State has made it more profitable for some people not to work, that to work. So why would they?

And it’s an unholy alliance, because the State has its own severe cynicism. It is on its side interested in misery and unemployment as a tool of control. It is interested in people working their butt of to have two incomes needed for supporting a family. The State is interested in children put into prison camps called schools in order to teach them … nothing beside compliance. They are interested in old people being dumped in garbage buckets called nursery homes. But first of all: The State is interested in upholding itself. In Denmark we are talking of 1.2 million people out of 5+ million. So, the wellfare state is a very expensive thing, that makes every tax payer pay in total 83% of all income to the state, one way or another. Tax in Denmark is everywhere and in all possible shapes and styles.

One of the popular prime ministers of Denmark was a former labour union boss called Anker Jørgensen. People loved him, he was such a nice man. What people didn’t know was, how he totally fucked up the Danish national economy in his years in office. He just borrowed and indebted the national budget, and generations to come had to pay for it. He just bribed and smothered the people in other to be elected.


And now the democrats i United States want to do the same in a larger scale, it seems.


Wauw! The New Green Deal. That’s not even close to the misery of social democracy and wellfare state, that is full-on green fascism-communism, same-same by the way. It is the UN Agenda 21/2030, where the globalists take over the World. Were the Americans ever to pay for that adventure, they would all be dead long before. Maybe that is the purpose, since it is the declared purpose of the globalists to kill off 13/14 of all living human beings on Earth. But the absurd green deal is The Promise, as we talked about, which will never be fulfilled. That is the stick-and-carrot of Utopianism.

The infamous Obama Care showed, what it was all about. It was about stealing more money from the beforehand impoverished people and giving the theft to the State and the insurance companies, with whom the Obama administration had made a dirty deal. 

And moreover it shows with extreme clarity, how organized lies are a fundamental part of leftism. These scoundrels have lied-and-lied for decades, and the last 4 years is has turned into a total farce. Even incarnated leftwingers are now starting to realize the absurdity and the severeness of the lies. Actually it has nothing to do with left and right, leftism has only been a convenient vehicle, a tool for the globalist power grab. Remember how the republican party was a vehicle under the Bush administration. And who were these people? They called them the NeoCons, and who were they? They were not neo-conservatives as we were told. They were neo-trotskyists, a group around Leonid Trotsky, when he was exiled in Mexico – and got stabbed in the neck with an ice pick. The group fled to California. Later we see them at the University of Chicago, where most of these political infiltrators were educated. And where did Mr. Obama come from?


So, let’s round off here. Where do you see it going these days?


Ahh, the 1000 dollar question, that everyone wants an answer to. We all feel the tension right now. Globalism and their main Forum, The World Economic Forum has played their card. They want the One World Order, and they want it now. They want the whole World vaccinated with their new thing, that is not a vaccine and certainly not against that covid-thing that mutates all the time. How would that ever be possible? What they want is to inject an RNA modification with nanobots into our body to implant a tracking-and-receiver device and to modify our human genetics. They want to change human beings into … things. Now it is not enough to treat humanity as thingies, they want us to BE thingies.

But events are moving fast these days. If I guess on the outcome, it may be old news before I speak. But I notice three events, that are remarkable.

One is the revelation from the Italian satellite- and space program called Leonardo. It turned out, that it was from here, the election fraud on USA and the Smart Maddock Dominion software was performed and money to the Schwindlers List of persons and useful idiots were transferred. And who were controlling it? The Vatican! Why are we not surprised? With full knowledge of the British, the Germans and the Italians.

The next event was the storm on the Capitol in DC. Oh, it was the Trump supporters, now they turned violent according to mainstream media. Oh, it was the Antifa cloaked as Trump supporters according to the alternative media. It turns out, that the police just opened the fences, and why? 15-20 laptops belonging to Democrat politicians disappeared – confiscated by a group of white hats. One of the laptops belonged to none other than Nancy Pelosi.

The third event, no one is talking about – is, that the Corporation of America has now ended. If you don’t know what that is, it is the falsified constitution and institution that in 1871 undid the real constitution and real republic of 1789. It was put in place by the British Crown, King George II, the Bankers and the Jesuits. It was a coup d’Etat meant to corrupt the nation. It has now ended.

In the next week we shall see, whether that in fact is true. All the rats are out of their holes thinking, it’s their heyday. Is it?




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