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The Energy Machine

They call it Free Energy. There are basically two attitudes to the concept, and neither of them makes sense.

The first position is mainstream science, ie physics, which flatly rejects the phenomenon based on their model of physics – again based on Newton and Einstein. It is supported by the funding authorities and the media, who, because their employees themselves are been taught 20th century physics in school, find no reason to either investigate or support anything else. It makes no sense.

Skepticism is necessary. But there are two forms of skepticism: constructive and destructive. This is the last one. There is an abyss of difference: Wait a minute, I just want to check it out before I believe it – and then I may believe it! and the opposite: Everyone knows, it can’t be done and doesn’t exist, so I can’t waste any time with it.

The second attitude is an underground counter-trend that is on the trail of … well something, but calls it free energy, which can easily be pulled out of the air, if only we were allowed to. There may be some good point to it, bur it is greatly simplified. There is nothing that is ‘free’ in the sense of free bar. Nor is it freely available, for if it had been, it would not have been so difficult to come up with demonstrations of its existence and use. Please drop the word ‘free’ and let’s have a talk on the subject. Let’s make sense.

That this form of energy is not free to access is strongly indicated by the enormous financial resources and scientific efforts – under the radar, of course – that have gone into developing the technology AND keeping it hidden from the public. These are staggering amounts of money, which the taxpayers of the nations have in no way approved or gotten any return from. The amount has so many zeros in the end that it is incomprehensible to the brain, and the money is stolen by cunningly pulling them out of the system. In the United States alone, $ 21 trillion has been conservatively documented that cannot be accounted for (Professor of Economics Mark Skidmore), and less conservatively the estimated triple amount is missing. The total amount on a global scale exceeds the imagination.

It does not take place in Denmark, then? There is no such thing as big-scale military technology research to my knowledge. On the other hand, around DKK 300 billion disappears from the state coffers every year because the Danish government does not have the courage to hold the multinationals responsible for paying taxes. So Danish taxpayers have to deal with the poor mega-enterprises that do not think they can afford it …

The other thing that more than hints at what the money has gone to, is the persistent and increasing activity of inaccessible underground facilities, things flying around in the air at high speed, and flashy use of energy weapons that cannot be explained as conventional technology. And which is only briefly mentioned in the media and then probably as a signal and warning to those who have been exposed to the technology and to similar powers that may possess it. When it is mentioned in the media, it is only mentioned superficially and never with names attached. The media has no name for it, and even when they have, they choose not to use it.

There is thus a connection between the absence of this technology in the public space and the presence in the space that is classified and avoided by the governments. People who are placed at a sufficiently high level are well aware that a cover-up has taken place and is still taking place. If we ignore for a while the blindfolded science that has not been allowed to play with this technology, the media that is too stupid or too cowardly to investigate its mere existance and the politicians who are dependent on both and have no idea about it (except quite a few who keep their mouths shut), then there are two explanations as to why it is all so secret.

One explanation is that technology is militarized, and advanced military technology is always classified in order not to give it to the enemy. This is both true and false, because one has to be naive to believe that the enemy – that is, one of the other major nations with which one is not befriended – does not already have their version of the same technology. The only thing one can keep secret is one’s own particular application of the technology. We are not talking about laser weapons here either, because it is now conventional.

The second explanation that complements the first is that the Powers That Be that possess the technology do not want people in general to have access to it. For if they had, their positions of power would vanish. We are talking about energy systems that make the use of oil superfluous and, moreover, what we today understand as alternative energy sources, solar, wind, water, etc. Biofuels as well. Here the problem is the same as with all technology that has gained mass proliferation. A market has been created for it and the market forces will do everything to preserve this market. We are talking about oil and energy companies, but we are ultimately talking about the international banking system. ALL money that flows through banking is ultimately energy money, because everything takes energy to produce, transport, use and recycle.

Here we are then back to the misconception that exotic technology will be free to mass propagate. If there is a saving aspect to it, it will only be noticeable in the second round, and then we may even be talking about a saving revolution. It will cost huge sums to convert production to new equipment. Depending on whether it is going to happen from above or in a completely different way. Later on that topics.

The Release Scenario

Let’s imagine – and there are rumors – that the American president would release the technology to some extent, what would happen then? First and foremost, it will be in line with other initiatives on his part – and for the same reason will meet fierce opposition from his political opponents, who all represent globalist interests.

The man in the middle is John Trump, the president’s uncle.
He had access to the Tesla’s papers and artifacts stolen from the genius inventor.

Here one must know and understand that the President is one of the few heads of state who is fully aware of the existence of this technology. Donald Trump knows a whole lot about what is hidden in the underground and behind the facade, because those who have hidden and used the technology are in the hinterland of his political opponents. It is their men in black, who the journalist Daniel Liszt has called X-Protect, that have killed thousands of the people who, according to the group’s mindset, have threatened the monopolization and the continued secrecy of X technology.
Dark Journalist: X-Series

In this realm we find the secret space program that has existed since the end of World War II – and even before albeit under Nazi auspices. Project Die Glocke – an experimental fascility for plasma physics – is an example, and it is transferred and continued after the war in the German colony in southern Argentina with the attention and approval of the then president, Juan Peron.

Don’t tell us, that Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos intend to send New Year’s fireworks technology in the direction of Mars. Musk more than suggests it through the name of his company, Tesla. And what about the alleged lunar missions and landings from the 70s, were there any New Year’s rockets with fire in the ass at all? The Apollo launchers were of that type, of course, but how did the landing craft and capsules return? There were no images of plug flames and dust clouds on the surface of the moon. Isn’t there an honest space physicist who, for once, can explain how launching and steering rockets with an air pressure from a jet rocket engine have any effect in an airless space? Doesn’t the whole jet-rocket engine technology involve moving air backwards at a certain speed?

Here I hear a small army of flat-earthers and moon travel deniers in a gospel-like chorus of mnjaeh it’s just because sort-of-kind-of … so let it be said, I do not buy it! The conclusion is wrong. Because there is something smelly about the pictures we have been shown, it does not mean that nothing took place (logical fallacy). This is exactly, what NASA scammers would have us believe. Because if the earth is flat, and if the moon is untrodden, then there will be nothing to stick your nose into or to demand answers to. People get a meme to suck on and then they will be satisfied with their imaginary insights and half truths. As journalist Richard Hoagland has argued in detail, images of ‘something’ were taken on the moon’s surface, structures that could not be shown to the audience. When certain people got on the trail via whistleblowers, THEN the meme arrived. Later, images of building structures were revealed from the back of the moon.

Get your old Pink Floyd album from the the shelve again.

What do we call it?

What this technology should be called and how it should be understood is another matter. We hear names like propulsion, plasma, zero point, cold fusion, red mercury, anti-gravity, longitudinal waves. Nicola Tesla apparently had an insight hole for both understanding and using the technology. He never wrote actual theoretical dissertations, but in his working notes there are enough allusions that he had already developed a completely different physique than the Einstein. By the way, he had very little respect for Einstein and called him a fuzzy haired crackpot. Tesla was beyond theoretical physics, he used the beyond-ness already. And it was a different physics.

Both the oil industry, the banking industry and the military also believed that he did, so therefore their partnership shut down his research and stole what they could from his technology with drawings, notes and physical installations. There are rumors that they took his life when he refused to contribute to their military research projects. Tesla was aware beforehand that they just wanted to abuse it for a ‘death ray’, and his own vision was precisely ‘free energy’ for all of humanity, so he gifted one half beforehand to the Americans and the other half to the Russians, in order for them to cooperate to make it work. Some ended up with the Serbs and Croats (Tesla was Serbo-Croatian) and thus with the Nazis on one side and the Russians on the other.

After the war, we see – or rather, we see very little and therefore have to reconstruct by collecting fragmented and classified information – that both the great powers and extraterrestrial networks and corporations are in full swing in just gathering and further developing Technology-X. The military-industrial complex is in on it (Lockheed-Martin and Skunk Works) and the CIA too. Cells in university laboratories are collaborating (Stanford, MIT).

It should also be mentioned that mainstream physics are well aware that they have a problem. So they call ‘it’ something else, such as dark energy and dark matter. The Niels Bohr Institute has a floor in the Rockefeller Complex (yes, dirty Rockefeller-money) called the Dark Cosmology Center. So what is all that blacknes for? It is for hiding the fact that they paddle, that they tread water, while twisting their egg-heads with how to eel out of their century-old paradigm that does not make sense but in turn becomes more and more complex and incomprehensible with parallel universes and 12 dimensions. This is what happens when mathematicians take over physics and cosmology.

A dark partnership

The partnership that believes that technology belongs to them – and at the same time believes that the population must of course pay for it to belong to them – is hysterically hyperactive throughout the post-war period, the Cold War, the post-Cold War = new-Cold War and until today so that the population does not come to know and understand what they have been up to. A release scenario will be an apocalypse for them. Did the hyperactivity before the 2020 into 2021 US presidential election have anything to do with it? It had EVERYTHING to do with it! Today, the United States is back in first place as an oil-producing nation. Unfortunately, part of the production takes place via fracking, which is destructive to the earth’s crust. But the release of energetic hi-tech that does not run on some form of petro fuel would give the U.S. economy a gigantic boost.

The petro-industrial-financial-military complex would be very uninterested in that – to say the least. What if the scenario also includes an interruption of the unholy pact between the dollar and the oil sheiks called the petrodollar? Implemented by Henry Kissinger back then. What if it makes it far harder to justify and start wars in the oily regions and elsewhere in the world that shifting corrupt governments have been ruled from behind. Global fascists in The Deep State + the CIA have done so abundantly up to and including the Obama regime?

That is a new course that the recent president has been embarking on? The scenario is already rolling out, and it’s the globalists’ worst nightmare. Their entire grand draconian plan is seriously threatened. If you do not have the ability, stamina or courage to see the connection between the scenario and the chain of desperate and absurd actions from the president’s political opponents that have been tried to be rolled out since 2016, then you are intellectually weak. Of course, this does not apply to you, dear reader, because otherwise you would not read this. This applies to politicians, media and commentators who ABSOLUTELY cannot spot connections, even if they are served right in front of their noses.

Bad and good reasons

Could there be other reasons why exotic energy technology has not long since been released, even though it has been around for more than 100 years?

We are probably in no doubt about the main cause of the Empire of Envy, which is envy, hence the name. Gree is not enough to explain it, it’s even worse: If others have something, they must be robbed of it at all costs. That was the reason for the two world wars + the revolutions. The Austro-Hungarian Empire, the German Empire, the Russian Tsardom and the Ottoman Empire were a thorn in the side of the headquarters of envy, the British Empire. The had to be destroyed to satisfy the British Establishment. We recognize the strategy of before, during and after blaming the victim. Their so-called Great Game ironically also led to their demise, for one of history’s most disgusting and megalomaniacal politicians, Winston Churchill, had totally bankrupted the Empire and its economy with warfare. The Germans recovered, for apparently they always do, but British greatness was gone forever. The only thing they had left were the self-glorifying history books, which they, as formal victors, had the ‘right’ to write. Back was the nostalgia for their former greatness.

You will find plenty of quotes from this person, that totally shoots down the image of a hero, that Anglo-Saxons have been taught in school. That is a major blind spot.

The second reason, as mentioned and as a summary, is the secrecy of war technology, as X-Tech has been militarized.

The third reason is monopolization, because if it was to become the property of every man, what about the poor global energy companies? How would poor Goldman Sachs have earned the money to speculate in Danish DONG-Energy, and how else should poor finance minister Bjarne Corydon have been given a free ride to his continued career as a globalist layman?
See the article: Confessions of a Danish Consensus Dissident. The idea is monopoly – like when J.P. Morgan asked Nicola Tesla: Where’s the meter on your energy-thing? There is none!! Then I’m not interested, fuck you very much.

The fourth reason is the hidden or at least difficult to understand connection between energy and health. In fact, it is not so difficult to understand if one has previously understood that the pharmaceutical industry was from the beginning a branch of the oil industry. It was John D. Rockefeller and Edwin Carnegie who created the pharmaceutical industry using the money, that the robber baron Rockefeller had earned through Standard Oil. And here we also end up with the petrodollar, as it was through Rockefeller’s bank headquarters in New York that all oil money was channeled. By selling every single barrel of oil, they made money in Chase Manhattan, even though they had neither mined, refined, nor shipped the barrel. So smart, bankers earn money without ever producing. Had the scenario in 1910-13 been different, had energy taken a different direction, had Tesla been allowed to show the world what was possible, we would not have had a pharmaceutical industry and a medical science as a pendant – sad but true – that thrive by stuffing petro-produced toxins into the body of people instead of curing them.

Raymond Royal Rife – the man who invented the strangest microscope

There is a deep and hidden (occult name it seems) connection between universal energy = sustainability and human energy = health. Sustainable has become a hollowed out and abused buzzword intended for corporate virtue signaling an cocktail party parlor for politicians. They do not care about real sustainability! Health is a largely absent concept in medical science, for a physician today is unable to define health as anything other than the absence of symptoms of disease.

Keep an eye on a new concept, because it’s coming up: energy medicine. It was introduced by another of the pioneering inventors who was put down by the globalist syndicates: Raymond Royal Rife. He invented an advanced and strange microscope that was much more than a microscope. He mapped out the frequencies of all chemical and biological units in the human body + any imbalance / disease. His success rate for curing cancer was close to 100% and THAT must not take place according to the branch within the pharmaceutical industry that we can appropriately call the cancer industry. Without a lot of cancer, no industry.

That there is a connection between The Electric Universe and the electric human body, is demonstrated by dr. Jerry Tennant:

There is today bio-feedback equipment, reconstructions of the Rife microscope that analyzes all parts of the human organism and finds its imbalances. They even come up with homeopathic formulas, advice on supplements and even medications in the same regard. Their analytical success rate is more than 95% and they have flown so much under the radar that they are approved and used in hospitals. Recently, the Chinese bought 50,000 of them – their price on the market is $ 25.000 / DKK 175,000 for the Quantum Bio-FeedBack model – to use for their own elite.

Are we ready?

A fifth reason brings us into another genre. It could be an honest and fair concern about whether humanity is ready for the ultimate technology. That’s actually a good question. The question has to be asked – with the risk of playing a card over in the hands of the technology-monopolizers: See, you can’t handle neither the truth nor the tech. But the concern is none the less, that the technology that can cure can also kill. The technology that can produce constructive energy can also destroy cities and landscapes.

Tacoma Bridge collapse

A certain story about Nicola Tesla demonstrates that. In a conversation, Tesla mentions that it would be possible to make a building shake and ultimately collapse if one knew its natural frequency. The phenomenon is known by any army division that is told not to go in step when crossing a bridge. On a larger scale, it was seen with the Tacoma bridge, which was built so unfortunate that it, via its natural frequency in high wind strength went into self-swing and fell apart. Tesla took it a step further. He subsequently demonstrated that he could use a frequency-generating device the size of a small suitcase to make a multi-storey building shake. It was witnessed by people in the building that it oscillated as during an earthquake. Had he not disconnected the frequency generator, the building would have fallen over. Police arrived and arrested him for it.

The term tesla waves or longitudinal waves deals with a special kind of oscillation, which is not just the well-known Pythagorean string, the chordophone, and which shows the connection between number ratios and frequency / tone. So 2: 1 subdivision of the string gives the octave, 3: 2 subdivision gives the fifth, 4: 3 gives the quarter, 5: 4 the big third + the doctrine of partial tones, overtones, ie the normal acoustics. Longitudinal waves are something else, and they have no delay, as they do not require direct physical connection, where the sound is delayed in different ways in air and water according to. the medium. It is tesla waves that form the basis of the installation HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), which was officially a research project but in reality was a military installation intended to manipulate the weather. It was Tesla’s experiment scaled up to global dimensions, bouncing frequencies up into the stratosphere and being able to calibrate their re-bounce and target them to a specific area of ​​the earth’s surface. Their range is not interrupted by the globe, they go right through it.

There has been much speculation about the use and whether it is possible to create hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. If tesla waves and HAARP technology leave a special trace across the globe, it is also possible to determine whether a hurricane or an earthquake is a manipulated phenomenon or a natural one. Not only is it possible, it is done, but one should not expect these phenomena to be mentioned by the weather babe in the telly-news, who also will not explain why the sky is at times spray-painted by stripes a-criss-cross. After a long period of bombardment with criticism, the CIA has at least admitted that it is weather modification, that’g going on. Here one must then ask: In what international agreement is it approved that private companies and intelligence services are allowed to experiment with the Earth’s atmosphere at the expense of life on Earth without asking for permission? But this sinister entities firmly believe, that they are not obligated to do so, and the brain-dead and paralyzed governments do not feel that they should ask why the airspace over the nations is being used as a destructive experimentarium.

Observers have noticed particular rainbow-colored light phenomena in the atmosphere above the locality where HAARP technology is used. This was done, for example. in connection with the magnitude 7.0 earthquake on the Richter scale that hit Haiti in 2010. It killed between 46,000 and 316,000 people and in addition triggered a cholera epidemic that killed at least 3,597 people and made 340,000 people deadly sick. It was on the same occasion that the Clinton mafia channeled billions of $ through the Dominican Republic to their charity fraud project, The Clinton Foundation, money that should have gone to the Haitians and rebuilding the country. Haiti is also the place where, among other things, the Clinton mafia harvests their material for human trafficking – all under the guise of charity. Like their protégé David Rockefeller, they are oh-so philanthropic on paper and in the mouth, but private charities in that category are all about tax evasion and money laundering. While talking about tesla-tech, the then Japanese foreign minister reported that before the Fukushima event, his government was threatened with an earthquake weapon if they did not align their economic policies with the wishes of the central bank and the Rockefellers. And who praised the worst enemy of the Japanese and right now the worst enemy of the world, China = the Chinese Communist Party, in high terms? David Rockefeller! In his infamous From a China Traveller article.

Rockefeller = son of a snake charmer swindler = oil industry = pharmaceutical industry = petrodollar = take-over-stupidity of the american education system = charity fraud, money laundering and tax evasion = use of hi-tech facing their opponents and obstacles = praise of communism and genocide = formation of various globalist think tanks and mega-lodges. Is there anything really good to say about this family of robber barons and their crimes against humanity? Barely. Oh, I forgot to say that they have admitted that they created feminism to destroy the family institution, provide cheap labor in the market, and get the kids into government institutions so they could be brainwashed.

Let’s go ahead with ‘the good reason’ to withhold exotic technology from publication. That is, humanity is not mature. For there may well be a core of reason in the concern and argument. Are we mature enough to manage forces that have the potential to destroy to the same extent that they benefit?

So, we do understand the white-hat argument, because what if there was a particularly malicious group that came into possession of the technology and decided to … wipe out most of Europe? Would the Chisese government do it, if they were desperate enough? Absolutely! They are getting close right now. Or just wipe out a capital somewhere in the world including the government building + the flesh and blood that was in it? It must then be prevented, and this can only happen by no one coming into possession of the technology, but that we wait to launch it until we have control of it and … can monopolize it. For the sake of humanity, of course.

Anyway, that’s the argument. It’s always for our own good, isn’t it? Where did the white hat go? The oligarchs of this world have ALWAYS legitimized themselves by knowing better and doing so for the sake of humanity. Truth is, they don’t give shit about humanity, if it doesn’t fit their self interest.

We, in turn, have a stack of questions for them:

  • Who are you to say that you have the right to choose on behalf of mankind?
  • How will you justify being entitled to technology that you did not invent yourself?
  • How would you rightly claim to have handled this stolen technology responsibly?
  • Were you ready for this technology yourself when you stole it and used it?
    In other words, were you of a higher moral standard than the rest of humanity?

I think, we do know the answers to those questions, and the oligarchs very rarely condescend to answer questions.

The answer, of course, is a resounding NO, because they have never managed the technology responsibly. They will, at all times, when the path is clear, use it against humanity and those whom they regard as their obstacles. Enemies are not the word, obstacles are more descriptive, ie everyone who stands in their way and their free bar of global ressources.

The argument is as thin-skinned and lost as the arguments against banning firearms in the United States. Who exactly is it that the ban never hits? The gangsters, because they can always get weapons. In turn, the disarmed civilian population, which does NOT walk around and shoot each other in the head, suddenly becomes unable to defend itself. GREAT!

The wish scenario

Let us eventually talk about the scenario that should take place but is prevented for the above reasons. Reasons of which 90% are purely selfish bull-crab and 10% which are of a dubious nature.

The stolen technology was developed by ingenious inventors like Nicola Tesla. We could list a whole bunch of names, but in addition to being a genius, Tesla also knew about the abusers of power in this world. Do we need to retell his relationship with bank mogul J.P. Morgan, who shook hands with him as the patron when he found out that Tesla had intended to donate its technology to the human hand and that there was no measuring device on consumption, so J.P. could earn cash. Tesla may have been naive at first like all inventors whose focus is their inventions and their science, but he learned the lesson.

A streak of other inventors, geniuses and hard working people died because of their naivety. They were located, spotted out, their inventions were stolen and stowed away, and they themselves ended their lives. They had delivered, and then they were dispensable. And what was more intrusive for the X-Protect group: they must not by no means come to the realization, like Tesla, that they would want to give their stroke of genius to humanity. It is estimated that there is something along the lines of 10,000 stolen patents of cutting-edge technology that have been stowed away. The international patent organizations are not only intended to protect the inventors and their creations but in specific cases to prevent the inventions from seeing the light of day. Organizations are a mega-filter for what must be realized and what must not.

The wish scenario is that the inventors realize that their inventions will never see the light of day unless they go OpenSource. It is psychologically understandable that a guy, who has spent his entire life developing something with a strong potential to be groundbreaking, wants to make the money that has been spent out of his own pocket by taking out a patent. They are nerds, they are not politicians, intelligence agents or business people. This is where they fall into the trap. Their blueprints disappear, and one day they meet a cloaked person in a side street, a gorilla for the globalist agenda, who shoots them a bullet in the forehead and runs off. It is exactly the same way that the pharmaceutical industral mafia has killed doctors and researchers who did not follow their business model but promoted … health!

Hollywood sold them as cool sci-fi comedy guys.
In reality, they were cynical assassins:

The way to do that, is to throw it out in the public space in a replicable version. Come out with the drawings, come out with the blueprints, come out with the whole theory behind it. Once out, the cat is out of the bag, and you are irrelevant as liquidation victims. Anyone with insight and knowledge can repeat and resume the project. At every step, make sure to document it and save a backup that in the form of an agreement will explode into the public space if something happens to the author, and make sure that this is also published in advance. Create a life insurance policy against the disappearance of an ingenious lifelong work by making sure that an assassination attempt will blow up in the face of the assassins. Be your own whistleblower, protect yourself, use your imperfect knowledge as a safeguard against yourself. Step out into the public space and become visible.

Yes we know it. For a nerd to think in those terms is hard. Then have someone do it for you.

When Technology-X shows up with explosive speed and in the millions in public space, the race is on for X-Protect. The globalists’ assassins no longer have legs to walk on. They cannot keep up, they reveal themselves, they become powerless. The breakthrough will take place on a small scale but in large numbers. These will be small plants intended to supply electricity to a single or several households. State regulators will try to ban it, but they will have an explanatory problem facing the public. The state will appear as the protector of the syndicates and cartels and reveal itself as the fascist state, it has already become. People will finally see it, because if a neighbor has wiped out his entire electricity bill by installing an X-Tech generator, and the electricity companies with State support go in and prevent him, then something is terribly wrong, and then there is a state-private corruption complex going on. Which it has always been, but now it’s just plain clear.

States cooperate through their common deep-state structures, the globalist partnership. But since their control is currently on the defensive via an anti-globalist counterplay, there will be states that could conceivably allow a breakthrough. Very soon is my estimate. It will give such a state a huge advantage, which cannot be ignored by other states. If, for example, India – which would not be unrealistic – or Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan or other countries in the Far East released the technology, then it would spread like wildfire, because they have the logistics and the production capacities to upscale it rapidly. In just a decade, it would totally undermine the oil industry. As a side benefit, it would break the sad remains of the corrupt corporatist climate agenda, whose sole purpose has been to introduce a global taxation with a pretext that no one understood: climate. A young science was couped and politicized / financialized for the sake of the Global Reset, as they call it down at the World Economic Forum i Basel.

Well, then let them waffle and keep them reminded that if they want to reduce CO2 in the air, they just have to spit out all the technology they have stolen, hidden out of the way and misused for military purposes – and which just does NOT produces CO2. Then we can deal with the climate afterwards. Wouldn’t that be a great idea, what do you say? Release the stolen hardware … well, then all of a sudden it was not a good idea anymore. The real explanation for the large and regular climate changes lies in the cycles of the sun, but it seems that climate scientists, metrologists and astrophysicists all of a sudden thought, that it was not a good idea to talk about either.

The actual man-made contribution to CO2 in the air is due to the fact, that the agricultural industry has destroyed the fertile soil layer by over-fertilizing with chemical fertilizer and unfermented animal manure, so that the plants stop absorbing carbon as naturally intended, but it seems agriculture then all of a sudden was not a good idea to take a talk about. EVERYONE’S TALKING OUT THERE?

It will happen

One day in the near future, the scenario with the real alternative energy will take place. We are talking about REAL alternatives, not the temporary destructive ‘alternative’ energy we have now. Wind turbines that destroy the landscapes and then destroy themselves in the mighty wind forces. Solar energy that destroys the landscapes permanently and radically in the areas of the world where the rare earth minerals are expanding. And hydropower that destroys landscapes, river systems and wildlife. Just look at what they are doing on the Yangtze River in China. When the Three Gorges Dam cracks in a little while, the devil and Mao Tze Dong are loose. Well bio fuel then? The globalists are also waffling that we are now going to slaughter all the farm animals and eat vegetables. All of a sudden, they do not think it is a good idea to talk about whether the world population should grow biofuels or vegetables on the depleted lands before they become a desert. More irrelevant nonsense talk.

Where it’s going to start is hard to predict. We take it for granted that father and mother = the governments will allow us to do that when we ask them to. Excuse me for a moment: who says we have to ask governments for anything? Shouldn’t they eventually receive an explicit and unmistakable message that it’s time they shut up? Sure, it could be just fine if the American or Indian president took the lead and ran with the stick. The globalists would instantly come up with scare campaigns about how dangerous and terrible it was. So sorry, but the globalists have long since lost the right to teach us what is dangerous and terrible through their irresponsible handling of technology and the environment. First they destroy and poison the environment, and then they say with unheard of audacity that it is our fault and that we must pay for it.

But we must not wait for father and mother or the mafia to allow us. We in the sense of humanity must take the lead and run with the state. We just do not have to be naive – taught by bitter acquaintance. We must organize ourselves and take our precautions. The patent system is an ego trap. It must be broken – without destroying well earned patent holders. Examples must be created that the technology works and is possible to distribute. It belongs to humanity and must be freely accessible to humanity. What inventor enjoys being killed before his life’s work becomes a reality? Let eventually governments legislate on the abuse of technology. Let them possibly monitor who is using it and how, but they should not be allowed to either ban or steal or suck the economy out of the technology or stick their tails between their dirty legs and look the other way when the big boys do. Their cowardice has reached a maximum.

I see it in my mind. It’s called the thousand-mole machine. WHAT? you say. You know it well. It is a piece of throw-in-a-coin entertainment box with x number of holes and a rubber hammer on a string. Once you have tossed the coin in, it is important to whack the mole that pops up from a random hole before it disappears and it’s fricking fast. It’s a reaction game, and it’s not for senile old people with slow reactions. Scale the machine up by the thousands or millions and replace the moles with people around the corner or somewhere in the fringe who suddenly run an energy machine they have either screwed together themselves or bought in assembly kits. The energy companies’ electricity police suddenly get busy. Not as soon as they have whacked an Indian farmer in Utar Pradesh, a bicycle mechanics in a suburb of Rio, a retired physics professor in Cairo and a 17-year-old high school student in the suburbs of Copenhagen who have installed a similar device.

In the beginning, the energy companies and the globalists will crack down on anyone who emerges from the molehole. So far, they have done thayt in a systematic and often bestial way. Human life is nothing to them, for their cause is a ‘higher and noble cause’, just as they call their circumvention of the truth ‘the noble lie’. I see. They want to prevent people from acquiring the technology. In return, people could use the same strategy as arms smugglers. One shipment contains components for a fan. Another shipment contains spare parts for a garden tractor. The third shipment is digital and contains the recipe for how to combine the two shipments with additional components that can be purchased at any hardware store. Together and properly assembled, they are an energy station that runs on magnetic propulsion or electrolysis of water, and which produces enough electricity to supply a household. People may already have a photovoltaic system, and now they just disconnect the system and replace it with their power station. The surplus electricity they sell backwards in the system, for the jealous monopoly companies do not know whether it is one or the other.

Well, they have installed smart metres, so maybe they do and for the same reason. Should we not get rid of these devices in general, because no one has allowed the companies to install spy equipment in our homes? Or wrap the meter in triple tin foil, give a tin foil hat to your smart metre. Did you know that the information is collected by a recipient gadget on the garbage trucks? So smart are the smartmetre men. Outsmart them! Throw the GDPR in their heads if they complain. Catch them with their your pants down in hypocrisy and double standards.

When thousands and millions of moles engage in civil undermining disobedience, the smart guys from the smart companies in their smart uniforms can put up nothing. The technology will explode in the face of the technology thieves. Here they will of course try another one of the many dirty tricks from their bag, eg the State’s favorite trick: Someone somewhere in one context or another has abused others in some way, after which the State strikes at the ENTIRE population and forbids- legislates EVERYWHERE. The State – at the instigation of the national or global energy companies – will find one person and one case and claim ,that there has been an abuse. If they cannot find a case, the companies are certainly kindly helpful in arranging a case so that the media can write about it, whereafter the State can legislate based on it.

There is always a preparatory media storm before legislation, which is why we have terrorist events. Suddenly there is a case with some guys in a basement in Suburbistan, who have installed an energy station that has made the whole property shake, as Tesla did. Or rather, there is an alleged terrorist cell headquartered in a suburb of Anywhere that has converted the energy station into a beam cannon and whacked the neighbor’s dog. After which and according to the standard script The State – which should have protected the citizens from abuse by private interests – betrays the citizens and steps in and bans ALL energy stations throughout the country on the grounds that they will certainly protect the population, for the people can probably understand that it is blah-blah for their own good. The state is, in fact, protecting the energy companies rights against the citizens constitutional rights, which is technically genuine fascism. It walks like a duck, it quacks like a duck …

An example, you say? Just say corona virus. First, they plant a simple cold that they blow up in the media like the new black plague from the Dark Ages. Then they take away the civil rights of the population and call it the new normal. Eventually, they sit cross-legged on people and stick poison needles into them.

It is in those times when the people of the world must say NO! And then it is also time to implement the technology that humanity has been waiting for nearly a 100 years that the globalists were busy shoving down their basement.

Do not wait any longer, demand!




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