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Tragedy with hope

For those who are familiar with Caroll Quigleys famous book Tragedy and Hope – A History of the World in Our Time, you will probably recognize the ingredients of the title. We are not here to discuss a book, that back then was commisionend by the Establishment to write their story. Which he did. Quigley got access to all their material, and his intention was to be true to their intentions and to their seing themselves as the Hope for humanity in a World of Tragedy. When the book was published, the Establishment had second thoughts, that maybe he was a little too true to the real story, and that they did not appear to be that much of a hope considering all the destructive deeds an their megalomanic power sickness.

It was too much Tragedy without too much Hope. The people in the Establishment could claim a million times, that what they had done was all for the good sake and salvation of humanity – and at the end of the day they stood forth as cynical liars. Nono, we are noble liars, they said. No, just liars was the response. Nono, the just cause justifies the means, they said. No, you will be judged by your deeds and your means after all.

We have reached the Judgement Day for the Establishment. The last sale date for their project and their ideology is long surpassed. Now the last expiration date is surpassed too, and the product is catching on a nasty smell. People do have noses and they do know how to smell a rat.

And yes, the people have been confused and distracted. Haven’t we all? And in these crucial days the distraction has just intensified. The amount of gaslighting causing cognitive dissonance is huge. The collective designer psychosis has reached its climax. People have become masked and paralyzed. We are playing the game, aren’t we?

Some of us can still attend to a daily work by playing the game and not speaking out. Some do it from our lockdown homes. Others have lost their jobs. Small businesses are going down by the millions. It was part of the globalist takeover, that everything could then be bought up – for a good price of course – and centralized into businesses owned by the giant cartels and syndicates. Or by the State, but what’s the diffence these days?

People are not totally desensitized yet, so they feel something is wrong. You never EVER hear it bespoken in the public media. You never hear it at meetings with people in businesses and organisations. You only hear it, when two persons trust each other and noone is listening. Then you hear it. This is exactly the conditions, that people lived under in fascist and communist dictatorships during the cold war. This is exactly the conditions, the Chinese people live under right now. And this is how the globalists is now forcing us to live. 

When not listening, I said. Are they not listening out there? Of course they are. Right now I am writing on an iPad, and Apple is constantly listening. My phone is a Sony Android. Google is listening all the time. My PC runs Windows 10. Microsoft is listening all the time. The people out there in the cloud with special interests are paranoid, so they listen all the time. And they harvest all the big data. Whether they can process all that data and use it on everyone is another question, but that in fact is their declared ambition.

So, people know deep inside feel, that something is wrong. Depending of how much noise there is inside, how jammed the signals are, how poisoned and infected the voice from within has become, a part of people knows it. They have been intimidated to such a degree, that they will not admit it publicly. Some have given in to the belief system like members of a cult or an evil designer-religion and have willingly shut down their conscience. They have given the consciousness and their will to the cult. These people are the most dangerous these days, for they will start harrassing and policing other people by guilt, shame and fear. We already see that with the globalists vaccination program. That is probably the saddest and most disgusting part of the whole operation: People becoming each others enimies, families and friends antagonizing themselves.

Don’t breathe …

The World is withholding its breath right now. Everyone is afraid expecting something to arrive. What will arrive? What has already arrived? What’s behind the screen in the Kabuki Theatre, and whose are the shadows dancing there? 

All we can do is to interpret. Even the most well informed commentators, some claiming to have access to inside info, are confused these days. Some may not think, they are confused, but when you compare them with others, there is no aggreement. They all have different interpretations. If we are to believe, that they receive inside intel info, then this must mean that even the insiders are confused. Or that their trusted insiders should not be trusted, since they are deliberately spreading disinfo. And no surprise here, since eg. the CIA has spread NOTHING BUT disinfo for 73 years 24/7/365. A CIA director said it quite clearly: The day people believe all the opposite of what is true, we have won.

There are things we know, and things we can observe. Then we may try to put them together to find some logic, and we may indeed find logic, but we should at the same time be ready to reinterprete or rearrange the same logic the next day. Nevertheless some incidents do seem to have a strong connection and point in a certain direction.

Who and what can we trust?

Some of the latest events are the stepping down of governments. The Dutch, the Quwaiti and the German governments are stepping down + the Italian government. But aren’t they stepping down all the time? Merkel has stepped down several times just to reappear. I even heard, that the Russian government did the same. At the same time the Vatican is in a deep crisis, since it was made public – can you even use that word in times, where all mainstream media is being censured and is censoring us? Is their such a concept of ‘public’ any longer? – Anyway, it was brought forth by various channels, that the Vatican was complicit in falsifying the American election via a satellite system called Leonardo. But the Vatican has had its assets frozen and their ability to transfer money blocked, so where did the money come from? It turns out to be the Chinese. Why are we not surprised?

So now a bunch of European governments have an explanation problem for their active participation in the US election fraud and thus interfering in the internal matters of a foreign country. If there is one consistent ethics out there in spite of corruption and globalism, it is: THAT you don’t do! Because if this is allowed, every government will be the next. But off course with a Biden admin like it would have been with a Hillary one, that would have been showed under the carpet. Heads are rolling, no doubt. The question still is, are they rolling just to shut someone up hoping to continue as before? Are they stepping down to show their allegiance to the globalists that they believe will take over everything in a short while? I think the last one.

The next question is, whether a lot of these corrupt leaders and figure heads are still alive. I keep hearing all the time, that some of therm are not. I cannot fully garantee for the correctness, but I can tell you what I hear and what I think based on what I know. Take it from there and make your own choices, and do so – which I would strongly suggest – based on a fair amount of home work and good choice of sources. All with a grain of salt.

The living dead

Talking about the Vatican …
I hear that the Jesuit Pope is not alive. He has not been seen in public since way back i 2019, and his appearances behave like digital projections or holograms. At one appearance from a window he suddently disappeared on a split second as if someone just turned it off. We know – at least some of us, that have done some basic studies in the Jesuit order and their practices since the days of Loyola, and are aware of the past of Bergoglio from his days in Buenos Aires and his concordance with the fascist regime in the Dirty War / Operation Condor – we know what kind of political person and sneaky creep this guy is (was). So, he made a deal with the Chinese … Not a great surprise, since he was in no way a Man of God but a fascist-marxist put-in-place figure to do the job for the Order of the Black Sun.

I hear, that one of the other members of this dark and publicly unknown order, was put to silence and rest 17th of September 2019 at a meeting in Bonn, Germany. His name is Barack Obama. And his name was, as some may know, Barry Sartoro, and he was not an American citizen, yet still was put in place as a president. His sexual orientation was gay and his ‘wife’ is a transvestite called Michael Obama. Their children are not their children but ‘borrowed’ from a family in Chicago for the price of 20 million dollars payed by the CIA. His legacy will not be the bunch of lies put down in an autobiography on 800 pages. It will be as a genocidal mass murderer, war mongerer, fraudster, liar, coup maker – just to name a few labels. 

I hear, that the lovely couple that made it to the White House back then, sneaked into the Obama administration, and tried for another round i 2016, is no longer with us. Can’t say I miss them. It would have been better with a public trial with all evidence on the table, but time was apparently not ready for that. A couple of clones of Hillary Clinton may still be around. Her account still tweets. Venom is still flowing from the body of the snake, of one of the most disgusting people to ever have lived on this planet. If there is a kind of total list of possible crimes against humanity, she has a green hairpin in every category. 

I hear, that Joe Biden has not been seen lately. He may of course be hiding in his cellar trembling from dementia forgetting his own name. Joe Hiding is his name. Is it necessary to repeat his severe crimes with corruption, money laundering and bribery from foreign governments. Should we even mention his public grabbing onto little girls seen on video. Should we mention his racist utterings. Do we even bother to mention his totally fucked-up son? They wanted a Dark Winter, they may have got it.

I hear, the vice president was not seen, since he stepped onto Airforce 2 on the 6th of January with secretary of the Treasure Steve Mnuchin heading to Israel. And what was the role of Israel in the coup d’Etat? Are they taken care of, or were they offered a sanctuary.

What about the Epstein case? Info had started to be released in the second round. And we are by the way not talking about only one island ind the Caribian, there is a whole series of them. One of them was owned by Mr. Biden! The publicly not well know tie together of the global Cabal is exactly: pedophilia and abuse, the ultimate compromiser that members of the dirty club have to submit to – where after they don’t talk loud anymore, unless … chop-chop. You can’t molest children and then say: I don’t want this anymore, I want out, and I am going to tell them … That’s not how the piano plays. Such people will have no lives afterwards, they will be pushed under the bus, and they know and fear it.

I hear, that the World is now relieved from a bunch of Hollywood celebrities with a slight tendency towards – shall we say very young people and certain substances extracted from those … at the moment of death. We shall not miss Tom Hanks. Neither shall we miss Kevin Spacey, who ordered the murder of the witnesses to his misdeeds. I hear a bunch of other names such as Jim Carey and Madonna. 

The whole Hollywood pedo- adrenachrome, ritual sacrifice, abuse-machine is now crumbling and cracking. We shall never forget how Ricky Gervais mocked the celebrity establishment at the Golden Globe awards 2020 – euww, that hurt! And who have been buying themselves into the glory-machine with their dirty, stolen money? None other than the Chinese. 

Disclaimer: I do hope, when this is over, that we all will regain our respect for the Chinese people that are innocent in the atrocities of the evil entity called CCP, that has parasited this great and magnificent country for 70 years. May their immense sufferings be ended soon.

I hear, that the Chinese tried a military operation and invasion with ships brought into position several places globally. They were brought in place in South Africa, the Caribian, the border of Canada, the west coast of USA. They were allowed to do so by the consent of the British government – no surprise. We should say: the Chinese military on behalf of the One World Cabal, the globalists, and we know pretty well, that the City of London, the Crown, has been one of the main centres of globalism. But they were spotted and all went down – as in disappeared. A piece of advanced military technology was activated against the operation. 

But that can’t be so, this is fantasy science fiction, where’s the proof?!
Well, in 2019 the Chinese tried and invasion into Pakistan. Probably not to invade the whole country, which is vast, but to seize an important region for their One Belt, One Road aka the New Silk Road project, that had started to gain some severe resistance. A similar conflict was initiated in the border areas to India, but was stopped. This time they were stopped too. All their vehicles and their equipment went dead as in blackout, and the personel had to walk back across the border. So, science fiction you say?

I hear a lot. See and hear for yourself. 

I hear, that the Chinese military is already present with special forces in Canada. They have arrived together with the Chinese mafia. No surprise here and for two reasons. One is, that the Chinese state IS a mafia. So what we would consider to be different entities like state, corporations, military and mafia (the Triads) is one and the same entity in China. They are now performing a genocide against the native population, the original nations of Canada, and the locals are now being massacred. The second reason is the utmost corruptness of the sitting Canadian president, the pedophile perv and son of Fidel Castro, Justin Trudeau. The situation in Quebec is now so grotesque, that they in the total lockdown are arresting homeless people and giving them huge fines for … not being at their homes! This is the world, we are living in right now.

I hear an awful lot these days about the outcome of the presidential election of the United States in 2020-21. I would like to believe some of what I hear including the above mentioned. The problem is: I/we can’t really believe it, before it has happened and been confirmed.

I hear – but not from them

And it will NEVER be confirmed by the mass media, that has allowed itself for commercial reasons to be corrupted, bought, taken over and controlled by the globalists. This global media-parasite is now beyond salvation and cannot be fixed. Journalism is beyond pedagogical reach. It is too compromized, and the only option left is: It has to die. We have to start from scratch, and the good news is, it is happening all over. Whether journalists choose to join this efford is their choice. I would say: check out of your dirty hotel before it’s too late.

The media will be held responsible for their participation in the big crime of disinformation. The tech companies also. Beware Zuckerberg and Dorsey, the World is turning on you right now. Even leaders of states / governments are no longer bying their censorship. Just one example: The government of Poland has now decided to take Twitter-Gestapo to trial and fine them big time, if they censor Polish official spokespersons like they did with president Trump banned from communication with 90 million followers. 

Remember what the word corruption means. Many people think, that it means succeptible to bribery. It means the abuse of power. The tech companies have gained power that is larger than even nations and states. And they have abused this power in all possible ways. They need to be called out or even taken out. If they, like the mainstream media are beyond reach, they have to die, and there need to arise a new generation of social media that are for the people and not weaponized against them. 

Do they need to be taken over by government? Bad idea. Who says, that a government is benevolent? The Chinese government has taken over ALL media. Is this government benevolent? Come-come – you have one try, you can do it … So, there must a better way. The legislation, that seemed appropriate back when these new media started is now outdated. They are no longer platforms, they are censoring publishers as seen only in totalitarian regimes.

If the governments prefer not to intervene and let themselves be threatened – the Polish and the Ugandan government preferred to intervene – then people themselves must leave these platforms. Defund them by not using them – use others instead. Of course we know then, that BigTech will try to take their competitors down like they did with Parler. They have declared war on the people – declare war on them.

But what I hear about the election is – just to resume what we all know:
The election was stolen, and the people that are preparing for a Biden administration have admitted it. They say: Yes we did, but everyone does that, so what’s the problem? Just give us some money. And the answer was: No, you won’t get any money.

I more than hear – we can see, that the Capitol is occupied by US Military and FEMA. FEMA as we know was boosted after 9/11 and set up a whole bunch of concentration camps all over USA where after they ordered a whole bunch of coffins, ammunition and guillotines! The four-letter word means Federal Emergency Management Agency, and yet they have proved themselves to be totally incompetent in handling emergency situations when hurricanes hit the coasts of New Orleans or Florida. They were apparent helpless when huge fires broke out in California. So now they are in charge of some kind of emergency in Washington DC. FEMA is controlled by the Rothschild Syndicate.

So – what I hear – the military and the incompetent emergency agency is in DC to have martial law. I also hear, that global martial law was declared and prepared already back in March 21st 2020 but was not activated as such. Now they want to do so. That was the whole purpose of the covid scam.

I hear that murder attempts – yet another – was ordered on Donald Trump by the Deep State Cabal. Some commentators out there think, that he is all in control and just wait and see. I hear that the corporation of USA has ended, and a new system is brought in place. They call it Nessara/Gessara. I would not count on that. But something similar is happening, that’s for sure.

I also hear – and hold on to the seat …

I hear – and this is the most spaced-out of it all – someone just declared war on the Deep State. The Cabal wanted to make another false flag on the people of the Earth: a fake alien invasion! The covid scam was not doing its job fast enough. Just an example: Half of the leaders in Africa have said publicly, that it in fact was a scam. Remember eg. the president from Tanzania, that send in tests with anonymous labels on, from which the received covid-positive results. Well, the samples were from a goat, a papaya fruit and some other silly stuff. Which showed, that the PCR-tests did not work. But the fact, that so many leaders have renounced the scam is totally missing from the media.

A fake alien invasion, No-no, that can’t be!

Well, we have known this for a long time. They decided that many years ago. And how do we know? Because we were told by a person, who was as well informed as can be – and we may like him or not: Vernher von Braun, the leader of the space program, that developed the Saturn space rockets back in the 60’ies and a leading scientist. And yes, he was one of the German scientists brought to USA with the aid of the Vatican – here we go again – in Operation Paperclip. He told his secretary, Dr. Carol Rosin, leader of the aerospace company Fairchild Industries after von Braun – with whom I actually had a conversation with on the phone five years ago – on his death bed before his death in 1977 he told his secretary, that the Cabal, was going to make a series of fake enemies. First it would be the Russians (they already were then), then it would be terrorism, then it would be Third World Country Crazies (9/11), then asteroids and then as a final move, it would be an alien invasion. We have known it for 50 years!
See: Von Braun’s Legacy

So don’t give me any no-no’s here. Von Braun knew, that it would be put to play. He didn’t know when, where and how. But he knew by whom, because he knew them.

I hear, that there was a response to the attempt to fake an invasion – and here it really gets sci-fi, so please bear with me, I myself am scratching my head, but this is what I hear from the source, that I regard as the most reliable – there was a response to the fake operation, and that was: a real intervention from inner-outer space AGAINST the Deep State Cabal and the Space Force put in place by Donald Trump and is now run by a bunch of break-away generals with less than good intentions. It’s beyond Trumps reach, and what will happen to him, and what further role he may play if any … that I don’t hear from this source.

One thing has to be said about Mr. Trump, that probably will stand as a transition figure in World politics for a lot of his initiatives and the movement of resistance to the Deep State – the Swamp as he called it – which a lot of people resonnated with: His ties to the Khazarian Chabad-mafia is not a good one. Many have been asking the questions all along, and NOW is the time to address it. His son in law, Jered Kushner, is deeply involved with this group. The Chabad Lubowitch goes way back in history as one of the most nefarious, dark entities on the Planet. As FEMA, an NGO-organisation and not as many believe a US Government thing, the Chabad is tied up with the Rothschild syndicate. That means, that Washington DC up to the socalled fraud ceremony called the presidential inauguration is occupied by a foreign entity.

So, we are witnessing a Star War scenario right now. NASA did not manage in good time to pull down pictures of space ships covering the sun, so pictures are out there. They can deny them afterwards, which they will of course, but I have seen some of them. What they can’t deny any longer – because there is SO much info and SO many observations of alien-style technology run by the military – is, that the military similar stuff it themselves. That’s what they have been working on in their underground bunkers since WW2, when the Germans came up with their version of it. Remember Operation Highjump on Antartica. And later the American military developed their version. Some say as reverse engineering after the Roswell incident, others say they were given it by some alien group. Some of it, they say, was developed from what they stole from Nicola Tesla.

Lately a note in an Irish newspaper said, that the SAS, the British Special Air Service claim, that they are now working together with a group of aliens. Which is no doubt part of the staged alien invasion meme.

They broke a Universal Peace Treaty

Finally – and this is what I hear – the ‘someone’ that is intervening, be it with flying object coming out of Stargate Sun, be it with weaponry superior to that of the Cabals, be it with certain take-outs of evil leadership and other irreversible scoundrels here and around, is an alliance of people of different races and species, that have been living on the Earth together for thousands of years. The Earth is deep, and there is room for many kinds of people, some look like us, some don’t. A peace treaty was formed and granted back in 2017, five years after the former leader of the draconian cabal, the Marduk and his Sun Tzu wheel of upper Echelon of so called Parents and Covens – of which none of the were humans – was taken out and replaced by – a human being benevolent to other human beings. Which was a totally new situation and has caused a lot of turbulence and bewilderment among the Cabal-people.

So, this alliance of people of all species aggreeing on forming a new condition of peace and prosperity have now declared direct and physical war against the global warmongers, the Deep State, whatever we call them, the globalists, the tyrant rulers of the planet, the World Economic Forum, the Order of the Black Sun, the Dragon Families, so many names … that wanted their Global Reset – which was nothing but a planned genocide of most of the population on Planet Earth.

OK – please do like I do. Blink your eyes and shake your head and say: this is a bit far out. But we may also at the same time look at it this way: Is this more far out that all the stuff, we already know to be reality? Like: if we have accepted, that the military already have and use technology, that is totally alien in is shape and form, someone ‘out there’ will have seen this coming a long time ago and will have taken their precautions. And they might be a tiny bit ahead of the military, that have only developed recently – and about 70 years is pretty recently in the long scale.

The Cabal and their billionaire club declared war against … everyone else than themselves! The people on the planet, all 36 species, I hear there are. They have used poisoning (food, water, air, earth), biological weapons (diseases, flues, vira, etc), economy (bankrupcy by lockdown), torture (masks) and draconian law / lawfare (no free speech, isolation, house arrest, social distancing), and now they want to use another chemical-bioweapon against humanity (vaccines). The coup of the American election in itself was a declaration of war against the American people. Cowardly WITHOUT declaring it as a war!

In return they got a declared war from the people of the earth among whom some have weaponry with power far more, than they have.

So I hear. Before that I heard, that vast areas of underground bunkers, facilities and tunnels had been destroyed. That was back in 2020. What I don’t hear is how long this will take and whether humanity will take any casualties apart from those directly involved with the Cabal.

Any hope out there?

The real hope for humanity is, that we HAVE SEEN. Seen for ourselves.

  • Have we not seen, how the globalists have shut down the world and destroyed small businesses by the millions?
  • Have we not seen, how our civil right have been stolen under the pretext that: It’s good for you!
  • Have we not seen, how we have be intimidated and masked under the pretext: Comply or die!

If that is not the case, that we at last have seen it, humanity is heading for difficult times for generations to come. 

The hope is not the false Obama-hope, yes-we-can.
It is the hope, that people have SEEN.

It is also the hope, that certain hidden forces with influence are interfering in these times. We would like to think, that this is not disinfo. But – as we know from all developement aid or just from personal experiences with other people: If a person is not ready for receiving help, all attempts of help will be in vane.

We should never forget, that the chains of humanity are the ones put upon us partly by ourselves. We have accepted to be enslaved. Only by dis-accepting = refusing the enslavement, we can maintain the hope and avoid the ultimate tragedy.

And THEN we may receive some help from benevolent hitherto hidden forces. I hear – and I hear a lot.




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