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The Image Factory

Hollywood is an image factory that is a co-creator of our reality.
And they know it. The ownership of the factory is fully aware of what they have in their hands.

Shelves measured in meters have been written about the factory, their agendas, their methods, their prediction programming, their CIA infiltration, their ownership (Jews, Jesuits, Scientology, the Chinese Communist Party) and their occult esotericism (e.g. Jay Dyer: Esoteric Hollywood, vol. 1 + 2). Their misuse and large-scale consumption of human material is something that almost everyone is aware of.

Dystopia-Sci-Fi-Transhumanist-Fantasy has been the big genre for decades. And people obviously can’t get enough of it. The genre is often packed with CGI effects, the technocracy’s wet dream of mega-urbanization and can be called the Globalists’ Agenda 2030 as an animated cartoon. A few generations have grown up as functional illiterates who have never read a book from end to end but only comics, so now they want animated cinematic comics. They want the book read out as picture-bedtime stories. If they’ve read a book or two, then it stops with Harry Potter. They have not even read The Lord of the Rings, who otherwise almost reads himself, because they have only seen it on film.

The sci-fi genre, of course, has its masterpieces. Blade Runner is still stylistically unsurpassed and unparalleled in style. The Alien series is on the same level. The Matrix 1 is up-front and Terminator 2 stands out. But holy crab, there is a lot of bloated junk in this often pubertal genre. Where plots and plays are often banal and decidedly embarrassing. Russian director Andrei Tarkovskij chose to go in a different direction. Here, everything goes on immeasurably slowly and often without a lot of words. His choice of real dystopian landscapes then took his life, for he chose to film Stalker and the doomsday landscapes polluted by Soviet-era radioactive waste.

Let’s take a look at one of recent years Hollywood busters with two sets of glasses on. The film is Jupiter Ascending from 2015.


Jupiter Ascending is not a masterpiece. It is just another expensive, well-produced and glamorous production from the couple who were once called the Warchovski brothers and who are now both transvestites. It’s very trendy and gender-politically correct in pedo-LGBT-Antifa-adrenachrome-mee2-Hollywood, it’s very Epstein-Weinstein-Whateverstein-like. I just forced myself to watch it when I got a hint that there was quite a bit noteworthy in the plot because it was very accurate. I was prepared so I survived.

The lead villain Balem Abrasax played by Eddie Redmaine is admittedly a stroke of genius. He is a hybrid between the Oedipus and Elektra complexes, for he is in love with the mother (Oedipus was) whom he has killed (Elektra killed her father). Sean Bean has a well-played supporting role as Stinger. Douglas Booth does his best as Titus, the handsom seducer villain, he manages to be somehow dangerous, sort of … The lead role and her male co-starring Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum are beautiful-perfect Hollywood stereotypes taken straight out of fitness center for millennials. Everyone else is mediocre on a serious scale. I struggled through two hours of uproar, uptempo-apocalyptic recycled-plagiarized destruction race in over-colored plastic wrapping with endless cliff-hangers, 3D effects and smartass one-liner dialogue. Many people will think that it’s stunning, and it is in its own way, which I can be fascinated by when in the mood. But if you can not strip a movie for all effects, and the movie still works like a naked play, then it is not a really good movie. It only works with the effects, and a good movie needs to have a solid standalone skeleton.

You sit and wish that it was all less solemn as in, for example, The Fifth Element, which at least pisses on the genre while playing with it.

Fiction versus reality

Plot analysis:
The interesting thing is the plot and especially its elements. So overall, the main plot is nothing but the usual: the hero – here the heroine, which is also very trendy in the politically correct Hollywood – is thrown into the showdown between the evil villain and his world domination but wins after long effort and trouble and saves the world and humanity. And then we got a new variation on that template story.

The elements – here it becomes more interesting, because this is where the precision occurs. The Warchovski transG’s have apparently gotten hold of some insider info of the Cabal and its plan for humanity. Remember: The Cabal OWNS Hollywood.

Balem – Baal … this character reminds me of someone, who is it?

Autumn – the Harvest:
One could say that it is just The Matrix over again, the story of the prison planet, where humans are cultivated material and are harvested as energy in favor of a parasitic structure. In The Matrix, it is not entirely clear who the harvester is. It’s almost like Terminator 2, The Artificial Intelligence aka the Lucifer program or The Machine World. In Jupiter Ascending, there is a kind of superhuman-kind-of gods in the Greek sense, existing somewhere up there in their Parnas and controlling what is going on down there on Earth. Abraxas – or Abrasax, both spellings are possible due to a misunderstanding between Greek and Roman spelling – is here a family dynasty. The earth is their harvest field, and the people are their harvest. The harvest product is a liquid substance stored in cold rooms on cylinders. In The Matrix, it is electricity they harvest, for the human bodies are installed in a giant power plant. In Jupiter Ascending, it is a mixture between their blood and their DNA in liquid form. The Harvest is human life force.

Just this one subplot in the movie opens the door to loads of associations. The name Abrasax / Abraxas is by no means chosen at random. In Greek Gnosticism, it is the name of the Creator of the Universe on the other side of the god-and-devil, that is, the good and evil duality. It is in the accompanying alchemical symbolism depicted as a figure with head like a rooster wearing horns and with a lower body like two snakes. Abrasax is also a family. According to my sources, it is the the actual superior family in the multiverse to which the Earth belonged – the Underworld, the World and the Upper World. They are the ones who have run The Dragon Families and Order of the Black Sun. Until recently.

What a charming creature!

Their management involves a harvest of all resources on Planet Earth and has done so for 16,500 years. The Jupiter Ascending timeline is very close to that and states that the daughter of the murdered mother and thus the sister of Balem Abrasax is 14,004 years old. That it is because in their world they have access to a rejuvenation cure, the nectar of the gods, the soma, their immortal drink. In the movie, the daughter of the killed mother takes a bath in the nectar and comes up 20 years younger. But they are apparently not that immortal, since they can be killed by their own – a contradiction that the movie doesn’t explain.

That such an ongoing harvest has in fact taken place on Earth is extremely real. Humans have been treated like animals in a meat factory, enslaved in a labor camp with physical-economic-social-psychological shackles since the dawn of time. In Jupiter Ascending, it is about the Great Harvest, where the entire crop is cut down at once. That the ruling class on Earth has had that in mind, and that it was their intention, is not wrong either. We know their eugenics plans from their statements, set in stone in Georgia, USA or coming out of the mouth of Bill Gates. We also know their consumption of ‘nectar’ from human substances in the form of the satanic-pedophile ruling class’ intake of adrenachrome, a substance extracted by the transformed adrenaline pump just from victims especially children who have died in a state of extreme anxiety. We also know that trafficking in human beings and human substances today has overtaken the drug trade as the most lucrative underground industry.

And we know now, that the Global Reset promoted by the globalists was and still is much more than a financial power grab but actually The Harvest, where 9/10 of the Words population were/are soon to die off.

When the Abrasax family, identified as the overlords of the global parasitic structure, was amputated step by step between 2012 and 2020. Their refuge was large underground cities. These cities were destroyed in connection with the Blue Moon 29 October 2020. Their Black Sun elite was taken out at their assembly in Bonn at the Autumn Moon 17 Oct. 2020. That is in occult Satanism the key period in the form of an ‘October surprise’ which for once was beyond their control and did not fall out in their favor. In the intervening period, their Illuminati leadership in Switzerland was taken out. When all their hitmen, who usually receive their contracts and orders every year, showed up in New York in 2020, their contract and orders did not materialize. They were simply not called because there was no one at the other end of the line. They waited in vain for several weeks.

I’m fully aware of this, this is too sci-fi to be real and I say to myself, that it’s so incredible that I have to park it in the possible field although this field is not possible to check out as such. But that’s exactly what my source states, and the reason I park it is, that I see enough evidence that it actually took place. I will explain the source, that I am referring to in a second.

And it’s getting even crazier

Buckle your seat belt, Dorothy, ’cause Kansas is going bye-bye!
(quote from an actually masterful movie by the former brothers)

Zypher he is called in The Matrix. Interesting name Zypher – Cipher – Number

Then it happened – and we are not talking in the movie here – that the Abrasax family pulls the human being, a woman with the right DNA – who has taken control of the Quantum control system, the financial system, the central trust, the information and intelligence system, the mapping system, the passwords … they pull her before the Galactic Council itself, where there are representatives of all inhabitants and human-like and probably also non-human-like but intelligent inhabitants of the galaxy. Here they are told that a peace contract, a treaty has been signed on Earth, that everyone has signed, and that they therefore have no right to interfere anymore. They then choose to pull up the tent poles and move outside the ramp and searchlight. But even though the heads of the orders and subfamilies who have done their work so far have had their heads cut off, the Abrasax dynasty / syndicate continues to issue orders to the dragon body without a head – that is, directly to the remaining structure. Then they themselves are brought before The Council because they have violated the treaty, after which they are quarantined in what is the equivalent of 1000 years on this planet (365 days is unique as a year of rotation relative to the Sun).

Again, I know, I admit it, it’s too wild to be true, and I’m definitely operating with the possibility that it’s all a piece of sophisticated fiction. But my intuition combined with the constant cross-checks I have the opportunity to do, tells me so far that it is very likely quite real. And in the cross-checking I have been so fortunate as to meet people with direct contact to what I consider the main source of intelligence. Which is no secret any longer, by the way, so I am not unique and very special. I just happen to know people, that are directly involved with the leading initiative of resistance to the Global Deep State right now.

The woman we are talking about, the real version of Jupiter Jones, was even scanned for her DNA as in the movie and found the purest DNA compared to the original EVA genus. Your Majesty, as it is so sweetly said in the film, is thus a finding of the succession, that is, the access to control the Quantum system. Put another way: a female being with the highest kind of integrity and moral-spiritual standard while being a 100% human being. That is the crucial difference between the hitherto Draconian regime, which has been a 16,500-year-old military state of emergency, where humans have not been sovereign and where the Earth has been under the rule of Dracos and Abrasax. In the film, there is precisely this wonderful mixture of reptiles and gods, where the reptiles are servants of the gods.

The woman we are talking about is like in the movie of Russian descent (Romanov family), but she did not wash toilets as in the movie and did not hate her life. Instead, she was trained in the banking elite of the elite and sat at the table with these non-beings for a number of years. In addition to banking in its esoteric form, she also learned how inhuman these monsters were. As in the film, a showdown takes place where the very top of the pyramid with the all-seeing eye, the Marduk and his entire portfolio perish.

The woman we are talking about has been attempted killed several times as in the film. Unlike in the film, her survival is not due to the knight on the white roller skates who comes and rescues her in free fall. It is due to her integrity and inner strength + no doubt protection from a certain special team. At the beginning of the film, there is a scene where she is attempted abducted and killed by a stack of gray aliens. A real shoot-out the Matrix-like scene with Trinity in a room with tiles on the walls somewhere in Russia. One of the visually strong and quite disturbing scenes in the movie.

The woman we are talking about was tried persuaded by the Marduk to a marriage but refused. He knew his contract had expired on the planet, but tried to extend it. His killing consisted of him entering a coma. 

Do you recognize the whole plot and sequence of the movie?

The woman we are talking about is real and has a name. Her name is Kimberley Ann Goguen. She is what in English is called The Sole Sovereign (Your Majesty) over the control system and intends to open it for direct communication between the system core and the individual human being. In other words, she intends to bypass the entire mega-complex of parasitic intermediaries between the trust called The Unknown Country and you and me in order for us to be sovereign ourselves like we were meant to.

The middlemen are what have kept the ruling class of various creeps alive for millennia. Of course, they are not voluntarily relinquishing their privileges, which is the global war we are witnessing on all fronts. In the first weeks of January 2021 the war was declared by the coalition of beings on the planet, that have all suffered from the plague of the parasites.

The strange thing is that EVERYTHING falls into place in the picture of understanding if we understand this underlying structure and its internal showdown + external actions.

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