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Agenda 21/2030 – UN Schedule for the Global Megastate

Agenda 21 is, as the name suggests, the plan for the 21st century as presented by the UN. It is globally conceived and locally implemented. Since it includes EVERYTHING, it is by its nature total. And in a totalitarian world, it’s all about what we are not allowed to do and never what we are given the opportunity to do.

This article is mostly based on the work of Rosa Koire who has dedicated her life to traversing what is going on under this name: Agenda 21.

They call it Smart Cities – the new smart detainment camps.
The world saved on a plate for the Billionaires Club.

To start somewhere: Agenda 21 – later updated to Agenda 2030, when its designers realized, that they were behind their schedule – is a re-design of the global civilization, and an intensification of what has already been the trend in the 20th century: depopulation of rural areas and the construction of big cities, where we live close together in apartment complexes. Here we are controllable like caged hens.

It is a loss of the ability to produce and cultivate. And that is the loss of self-determination and sovereignty. It is a huge social engineering project, where everything that is similar to it, and which we have been able to see coming for a long time, is now intensified.

One of the features of the agenda is that a new form of designer-poverty is being sold as ‘cool’. If you contract yourself, hold back and limit yourself, then you are part of the progress. It is not called future anymore. We may remember, who has used the word prograssive a lot, an already get a hint of, where it is heading.

NDAA – Bill 1867 – in the United States was an example of Agenda 21 – National Defense Authorization Act. Barack Obama and the Senate introduced the right to detain and murder anyone who can be suspected of harming the State – just by suspicion and without trial. The horrors of this move in those days had all the misuse of the word ‘conspiracy theorist’ to fall to the ground. This was a smack-in-the-face conspiracy against the population.

In the United States – and it’s necessary to understand, what’s going on in the United States, because for 100 years Europe and most of the urbanized World have inherited pretty much EVERYTHING that has developed there – in the United States, new figures appeared in the street scene: police soldiers staring at one with crossed arms, when moving into public buildings and out into public places. We saw that after 9/11. They were waiting for the day when people find out what is happening and a revolution breaks out. That day the agenda has reached its point-of-no-return, and the totalitarian society is an accomplished fact. Then they would strike with state of emergency, internment and removal of the last civil rights. And in a civil war with the population against the state, the curve of population growth will break.

In China, they are already there

I don’t know about you guys out there, but is seems that we are there right now with the new phony administration pretending to run the country.

But there is also the question – at least in the United States and probably also in Europe – that the the Government / the State is extremely afraid of their people. In the United States, in particular, it is because all Americans have the right to own a firearm. As Europeans, we have not really understood why it is written in their constitution, and we only hear about how insane they are, the Americans, and they are shooting right and left, and now there is a new school massacre, and it could definitely have been avoided if there had been a gun ban. And so on. But the reality is different. The Americans originally did not have weapons to shoot at each other. They had weapons to protect themselves from their OWN GOVERNMENT. And their own government knows that.

United Nations Agenda 21/ Agenda 2030 is affecting us all around the world – right now. But governments are very careful not to call it by its name. And their hordes of global ambassadors never confess suit. Some of them have no idea what they are up to, because the differentiation of knowledge from the elite top that has devised the agenda for the private ambassador is very fine-grained. The ambassador at the bottom has a reality that is 100% different from the designer and the agenda. So he may in fact have no idea about Agenda 21, even though he is in the process of agitating for its further implementation. If you can not name it, you can not identify it.

Guilt, shame and fear

There is a social and political philosophy behind Agenda 21/ Agenda 2030. This should justify the agenda to the people. It is therefore stated as the main dogma that it is for the common good.

  • How can you believe you are allowed to think for yourself?
    You’re selfish!
  • How can you believe you have the right to own something and do with it what you want?
  • Who says the water found on your land belongs to you?
  • Who says you and others are allowed to rule over their own lives?
  • Do you think you can just make your own currency like that? (this is, for example, forbidden in Denmark).
  • Who says your body and your thoughts and your genes belong to you?
  • Who says you have the right to decide what you put into your body?
  • Do you think that you can know about what is healthy for you?
  • Who says you have the right to call yourself a human being?

Oh, but you must understand that we think for the common good.
And it requires a sacrifice from all.

The Great Game of Guilt

It requires that we sacrifice our innate rights as humans. Laws will no longer protect the individual from the community as in the republican thought – res publica: the cause of We The People. Nor as in the democratic thought – demos kratos: the people rule. And not at all these two in community and balance, where we have a say in protecting the individual. This is over now with Agenda 21/ 2030. Laws can then mean anything. They can be changed, bent, removed or inserted at any time in reference to the common good. You are no longer entitled to access documents, since it is in direct conflict with Agenda 21.

In Europe, the EU is the clearest and most comprehensive example of how to constantly refer to the common good, while the people of Europe, that should benefit from this common good are being seduced, threatened, accused and ashamed to relinquish more and more sovereignty. EU’s prime goal – as is that of the UN – is the dissolvement of the nation state.

People i Russia jokingly calls it the EUSSR

We usually think that there is a need for a balance between the individual and the community. But in Agenda 21 / 2030, the individual weighs like a feather against the community concrete block. Balance is a town in Outer Siberia. For Agenda 21 / 2030 is a modernized and sophisticated form of Communism and Fascism that has crept back through the back door. Some have called it ‘communitarianism’.

Management by Chaos

The management tool – or one of them – for the implementation of Agenda 21 / 2030 is that we are exposed to a number of crises. Crises are seldom perceived as conscious management tools, but almost always as coincidences or incompetence, that it’s blowing in the wind, unpredictability, a chain of events leading to other events. We could not know it, we could not predict it. But NOW someone has at least come up with a SOLUTION! In other words, the same people who before did not see it coming and are completely without responsibility for any development – according to themselves – have now SEEN THE LIGHT and are from their good heart willing to pay for all their and especially our sins and fix the whole machinery. It just requires – read what is written in small print – that you trust them fully and firmly, and that you are willing to make this leap of faith by giving up your own agenda in favor of the Big Agenda in the new millennium .

The call it the New Normal – living in a constant chaos.
You may also call it Global Marial Law. It was declared March 21st 2020, but your government and the media didn’t tell you about it.

There is a very special use of language in the big sales campaign that is built into the roll-out of Agenda 21 / 2030. Words like vision, initiative, progress, sustainable, green are preferred adjectives. These buzzwords can – and that’s the smart thing about them – mean anything. They are containers of opportunity, they are open to manipulation. They are new speak in the Orwellian sense. They require a translation and a reading between and behind the lines. It is also called the third way. It is the gradual shift of normality, so that in time we find ourselves in a whole new state, which we – if we had been asked at the time – would have categorically rejected. This is seduction technique at the very highest level. Some call it nudging.

We find the concept of sustainability introduced over 20 years ago. It happened with the Brundtland Commission under the auspices of the United Nations in 1987. It was phrased as: ‘Development that meets current needs without compromising future generation’s opportunities to meet their needs.’ Who can disagree with that? It sounds like the highest wisdom to mankind. But like the poisonous and double-edged sword it was, it hit us right in our guilt-shame-and-duty center back then in the late ’80s, because we were exactly in the process of compromising future generations’ ability to fulfill their needs by passing on to an unpaid debt, a poisoned global environment and an exhausted field of resources to them.

Gro Harlem Brundland – a former prime minister with an agenda
– marxism behind the green mask and the fancy scarf.

The Commission was given five years to come up with an action plan for sustainable development. This action plan was called Agenda 21 / 2030, the agenda for the 21st century. So 20 years later, it is thrown on the table in book form. You can actually order it or download it from the web. And read the 100s of pages.

It happened at the first UN summit in Rio in 1992. Maurice Strong, one of the designers of the agenda, stated at the time that the middle-class lifestyle was unsustainable. It should be mentioned that the man himself is stinking rich. But the way the middle class, any nation’s biggest threat to the elite, lives on with small houses, a small garden, a certain level of income, maybe a car, meat eating (Hitler was, as you know, a vegetarian), air conditioning and existence not on the poverty line is: not-sustainable. Nothing about the fact that the very, very few gigantic over-consuming rich and their constant looting of the really, really many and really, really poor was not sustainable. The middle class was a threat to the planet, according to Maurice Strong.

Maurice Strong protrayed like the Emperor of the Agenda
– marxism with a green crown.

It is worth noting that this kind of attack on the middle class has taken place in all the fascist regimes, black and red. The middle class threatened the upper class, which paid for the generals’ coup. It happened in all the countries of southern Europe – all former fascist regimes – that are currently experiencing Agenda 21/ 2030 through the EU, the ECB, the WTO and the IMF and are succumbing to the staged financial crisis. And it happened in the countries of South America that in the first wave of totalitarianism had military dictatorships in the American sphere of influence, always helped along the way by the CIA and other defectors from the Nazi regime after World War II.

Hypocrisy and fake religion

Here I have to add a comment: that the group of interest-specific kleptoparasites (ct. Richard Grove) – people made of the same substance with the habit of exploiting and stealing the products that others produce – allow themselves to hi-jacket and abuse the word sustainable, should make people pretty suspicious of the project. For it is the same class of people who, a few generations later than the industrialists, who before and after the turn of the last century lured people away from the countryside, where the way of life was 100% sustainable, and into the cities, where the lifestyle constantly requires over-consumption and torment – the same people are now preaching hypocritical sustainability! And where the word then at the same time is twisted around in a perverted way, so we now have to apologize and explain that we take it in the mouth. It is the very class of kleptocrats that has later lobbied itself into the UN and other bodies that continues and reinforces the depopulation agenda version 2.0. All the while they are talking about sustainability. Real sustainability is the last thing they are interested in. Because then they would have long ago promoted sustainable energy supply, which they have managed to postpone in 100 years so we have now soaked the whole world in oil. Environmentally, financially, physically and mentally.

Eco Fascism needs both storm troopers and policing

We are becoming completely religious now. But Agenda 21/ 2030 has many similarities with a religion. They talk about the three pillars. It is economics, ecology and social equality. Every religion requires a holy trinity. When they balance, there is sustainability. Social equality means e.g. that no one has more than others. The total law of the rusty-rotten old communism in new bottles, the annihilation of the individual 3.0. The social experiments of the 20th century were only brutal and primitive pre-studies in collectivization.

Agenda 21/ 2030 covers EVERYTHING: economics, housing, land use, health, education, water, energy supply, transport, trade and food (Codex Alimentarius) and population control, also called eugenics. Surprise-surprise! The Chinese also have an Agenda 21, where vaccines are intended to mass-sterilize the population. And since vaccines have tremendous potential, many flies are struck with a slap: ‘Vaccines are chemical lobotomy’, quote: philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell. Russell speaks here as one of the real insiders of the British elite and as such one of the philosophical backers behind Agenda 21/ 2030. In the group that called itself ‘The Fabian Society’ is the whole presentation. People who only associate Russell with the Russell tribunal and thinks he is a great humanist and peace lover, does not know of his very gloomy side. Their main thesis is that humanity must be brought up to love the totalitarian society so that it does not resort to rebellion. This kind of peace is the Pax Romanorum, where the slaves do not revolt and all peoples have put their culture on the shelf to worship the Emperor and the Roman State. The state is the god of the Romans. Study the EU and its neo-Roman symbolism, a ‘soft’ version of the Nazi and Stalinist and corrupt as the Roman. But Agenda 21/ 2030 is an upgrade, and control must take place via hi-tech and brainwashing. And through internalization.

The philosopher – a Marxist-Oligarch disguised as a pipe smoking uncle

There is nothing above the State. It could have been said by a Roman Emperor, but it was the motto of Mussolini and the Italian fascists.

* Collective, yet another piece of new speak
meaning exactly the opposite = the very-very few.

In normal law or evidence, everything is allowed until it is prohibited on good grounds. Here, everything that is not allowed is forbidden. It’s called positive lists or Napoleonic legislation. Everything that is not on the list is hereby banned. Everything you do there declares you guilty until you are found not guilty. According to Agenda 21/2030. In the EU, this is already mandatory and built into legislation. In the United States, it is called an approximation, but it creates politics and thus also legislation.

During the 1992 Rio Summit, the agenda was ratified by 198 heads of state. This is what is called ‘soft law’ and, as with the Codex Alimentarius, which is a huge parallel body of law, it is not obligatory for countries to introduce it. It is a statement of intent. So what’s the problem? The problem is that senates, governments, departments and parliaments never have to treat it as a bill. It may quietly sneak in without politicians or the public having heard of it. Ask people on the street: 1/2000 have heard about it. It is an action plan that is traded without being negotiated. It’s already reality when you hear about it. Did we forget to say that the word change is yet another one of the expensive words you hear all the time in Agenda 21 / 2030. The same word was the one-syllable word that branded Barack Obama. As in one of the sacred writings of the agenda: Growing Smart, Legislated Guidebook for the Planning and Management of Change. in 2002, this book was standard reading at all Universities in the United States. All the people who had studied planning and management knew it by heart. It created the background of a lot of construction work carried out for taxpayer money, much of it unprofitable, many empty buildings, a fundamental failure.

A Codex written to ensure the largest corporations of the World
their total control over the Worlds food supplies.

Consensus – We All Agree, don’t we?

Then came another book: Sustainable America, a New Consensus. Here we have another word: consensus. A glorious word. That means: something everyone agrees on. I have a Maoism moment here (Danes will know of Tvindskolerne and Amdi Pedersen). Of course, not everyone can agree, the idea is absurd. If you do not agree (with us), then we have ways to make an agreement. It is false consensus because it implies neutralization of the opposition. That’s why it’s called New Consensus (like New Speak or New Green Deal). True old-fashioned consensus includes differences and respect for dissidents, and it takes a long time, responsiveness and unforced conversation.

It’s the technique called Delphi Meetings, a brainwashing technique developed by The Rand Corporation in the 1960s. In England, a movement called Common Purpose flourishes, diligently using such meeting techniques. You are invited to give your effort in some exciting hearing / workshop in e.g. a local plan where officials from the State want the citizens to take advice from them – they say. Then you are placed at small round tables with Lego blocks and colored pencils. Ask any coach trainee and he or she has something similar in their ‘toolbox’, perhaps without the manipulative intention. But in the Delphi technique, you treat people like children, and should there be someone who feels a little uncomfortable, that person probably falls into place when the rest of the group’s eyes on the meeting leaders’ instincts fall on them. As in kindergarten and primary school, an upbringing and leveling element has been deliberately built in. And the goal is manipulated, predefined consensus via peer pressure and the illusion, that meeting participants themselves came up with the ideas.

Another name for the technique is NLP – Neo Linguistic Programming. You mirror your opponent, and turn his statement towards himself. Neo-linguistics is Latin for New Speak. New Speak is the reverse language used by those in power in George Orwell’s 1984, where words mean the opposite of their original meaning. NLP is a behavioral technique for invading the mind. Like all other technology, it has a potentially beneficial side – in the hands of the right one – and a potentially destructive side – in the hands of the wrong one.

Half a year after the meeting, where the citizens were ‘consulted’ on the local plan, some of the citizens find out that with their consensus decisions have been used to perform eradication of low-density residential areas, implementation of highways, construction of a new shopping center , which smashes all local trade and the construction of a chemical factory and a new pig farm in the immediate area. In return, one can read that there was also consensus on raising the regional tax, closing down 11 children’s institutions and removing support for a cultural center with a local cinema and a theater.

Even the children …

Now, lo and behold, the children’s edition of Agenda 21 / 2030 has begun. In the United States, it is called: Rescue Mission, Planet Earth. It is written by – or at least he has the name of author: Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former Secretary-General of the United Nations. It comes with a manual for the children’s educators on how the children can now start being part of the brave new world that is being created. We have experienced in Denmark how schools have begun to indoctrinate children to what they should think about global warming = our fault. Young children must now feel guilty about the filth of some adults in a global upper class who have ruined their future, and feel uncomfortable that they are already at the age of 7 years a threat to the planet!

If these people realy meant, that the soil should be protected, there would be no fake climate agenda.
That’s where the CO2 should be. They never talk about that.

Back in the 70s it was called indoctrination, and back then it was Marxists and Socialists who were active. And that is the exact same people today too! Except that they very rarely confess suit. The common denominator is collectivization. The individual is sin and shame, the group person is blessed. It tells a very old story about the Christian-Roman origins of the revolutionary movements of the 18th century and the social-collectivist human rat experiments of the following centuries. The industrial revolution needed this type of person. Calvinism and the Prussian School System formed the background. The Jesuits’ techniques for the formation of small individuals into adult non-individuals were included in the toolbox. Later, the behaviorists came up with their advanced techno-psycho-techniques.

The goal is total equalization of human performance. No possibility of excellence, nor any possibility of error. Everything is mediocrity. This is Agenda 21/2030’s 3rd pillar: social equality.

Agenda 21 / 2030 is everywhere. Buy National Geographic, see glittering glamorous photos from around the world and get the agenda smack in your face. A slick article presents the city as the answer to everything. The land is only for peasant fools. Away with the variegated, in with the solid color. Everything must be able to be controlled by the inspectors, and it is far too difficult in the outback, in the forests and up in the mountains. It is smart growth, city prisons. Governments are scared of forest districts, especially the US. They remember all too well how they got kicked out by a bunch of gooks out in the Vietnamese jungle. Officially, according to the Americans, the United States won the Vietnam War, the rest of the world knows that it is a lie.

Generations of believers were of the opinion, that they had an opinion.
The forgot about the importance of forming an opinion.

It is very symbolic with that whole campaign against greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are, as the name implies, the gases – oxygen for example – that create life here on the planet. CO2 is a life-promoting greenhouse gas. The more CO2, the more plant growth. All gardeners know that. If the content of the air was 4 times as high, then the plant growth would double. That would mean that the incompetent, stupid N-Word-people of Africa (hope you understand the irony) would be able to feed themselves. God forbid that! But something could indicate that all the ethnicities out there in the 3rd world may not be so stupid even, because it has proved very difficult to sell the scam on man-made global warming and CO2 taxation to them. They seem to have grasped more than the media-brainwashed-braindead people of the West, namely that it will destroy their opportunity to evolve and thus bring all initiative back to the West, where the Agenda comes from. The Agenda and climate fraud are an attack on LIFE on earth itself. And that’s the whole world upside down, because while they’re in full swing destroying life on earth, they’re in a hurry to blame YOU and your children for it.

An international network organization called ICLEI – Local Councils of Local Environmental Initiatives has been formed, patrolling the Planet, keeping an eye on greenhouse gases. They are told that they must never tell that they are a member of an international group and that they have signed up under the flags of the cadres, the stormtroopers, the social justice warriors. They currently represent around 600 million people in the world, and they have powers, because they can refer to Agenda 21/2030, which governments and countries have ratified.

Regions – the new Divide & Conquer

Global thinking requires regional action. Regional is another Agenda word. The regions are the new concept that cuts like a knife through the four-part old structure: cities, municipalities, counties and the state. Now the regions are taking over. It corresponds to the Roman provinces, or rather the subdivision of the provinces. The Roman element is that everything is conceived and directed by the Super State, here the EU, there the United States. Originally the plan was a new merge of USA + Canada + Mexico. That didn’t happen because a president recently threw a monkey wrench into that machine. Same with the Trans-Atlantic and the Trans-Pacific Trade deals planned by the Globalists.

The sell it with a plethora of feel-good buzzwords

The regions remove control from the immediate area. You can no longer go and knock on the door of your local mayor, because there is a long way to go to the place where decisions are made. I think I know what I’m talking about, because I am employed in the Capital Region of Denmark and see on a daily basis the problems that arise when units are merged into mammoth companies, and what used to be local initiatives are centralized. The structural problems are formidable. The benefits of economies of scale are constantly being compromised. And it is true that administrative savings can be made. However, when systems grow too large, severe structural diseases arise that require a lot of attention to compensate for the fact that the same systems tend to become dysfunctional.

One study showed, that creative cells die at a size of over seven people. As a business grows, it generates inertia. Then it no longer helps to have smart business plans that talk about innovation an other buzzword-stuff. A large number of small super-creative cells have in this way been acquired by the cooperatives. Microsoft is a good example. The previous owners get a two-three-digit million amount to sell the shop so they can choose to live as playboys for the rest of their lives or start over. The company is then emptied of knowledge and experience, digested and excremated. The corporation has one product more in stock and not least: one competitor less. Many ingenious inventions have never seen the light of day in addition because they ended up in basements and trash cans.

That is regular corporatism = fascism. The global regions are a newer super-corporate-elitist concept that shatters the old structures, structures that at least had the advantage from the citizens’ point of view that they had become accustomed to maneuvering in them and getting something through the system. Sovereignty is washed out through these constant and forced pseudo-renewals and structural changes. Initiatives arrive faster from above than anyone can keep up with. In the United States, there are 50 states. Now, with Agenda 21 / 2030, it has been reduced to 11 mega-regions. In this way, the ability of states, districts (counties), city councils and thereby citizens to counteract the federal aggression of the agenda is removed. One of the techniques of the agenda is to split people from the micro level (the Delphi-technique again) to the macro level (regionalization). In the United States, they even go so far as to threaten the people of the federal government who intend to try to resist the agenda in a legal and democratic way – by e.g. to put forward bills with retaliation.

After this, there is not a soul that the slightest idea where that meeting takes place and where the actual decisions are made. Neither within the framework of the country nor in the super structure. Instead, people are served a gentle stream of events and meetings by printed or digital brochures, where you can go to participate in consensus meetings, local plans, consultations, user surveys, etc. And none of them are used for anything, because it is pure smoke screen, democracy derivation. Another headline on Agenda 21 / 2030 could be: the dismantling of democracy.

Does anyone think: who pays for all this? It must then be enormously expensive and demanding. The answer is very simple: YOU! All the tax money that is collected – and this also applies to the famous green CO2 taxes – is your money. And they disappear like copper roots in the blue air. In the UN-system, it is estimated, only 1.2% of all money reaches people in the other end, the rest is sucked up in bureaucracy. It is a giant parasite-machine.


With Agenda 21/2030, the picture of what is meant by the New World Order really emerges. Do you remember when the globalists and war criminals just suddenly turned green? That is when George W. Bush, Toni Blair and Anders Fogh Rasmussen suddenly became environmental activists. Wasn’t that strange and striking? In other words, as if they had just agreed in the back room that what was previously unpopular with liberals and conservatives was now suddenly super-smart liberalism. That was when Agenda 21 ran off the stack along with climate fraud. It was also then that Bjørn Lomborg got a little on edge with Fogh Rasmussen, who had otherwise hired him. And Lomborg is certainly not an Agenda 21 man, which also means that the left does not like to talk to him. He undresses their religiosity with harsh facts and calculations.

Rosa Koire has written a book entitled: Behind the Green Mask. There is a captivating and politically correct green curtain hanging in front of the entire Agenda 21/2030. It was hung up a decade ago at the same time as environmental movements were hi-jacked to the agenda. From Greenpeace to Green Fascism – that could have been a book title.

In the United States, all habitual beliefs assume a particularly grotesque character. A new Agenda 21/2030 word – there are a lot of smart words here – is called PPP, Private-Public Partnership. In the United States, the prison system is privatized, but receives subsidies from the public per. catch, the burer inside. In prisons there are prisoners. Becoming a prisoner requires that you have committed a crime. In order to run a lucrative private business with public support, it is therefore necessary that there have to be more and more things that are punishable.

Of course it happens in Europe, in Scandinavia, in Denmark, in your municipality, in your upswing. Right now. The Scandinavian model is perfect for that kind. It is a sleeping beauty with enormous totalitarian potentials. They are not utilized at all yet. We have so much State in Scandinavia that we are regulation to which side of the toilet paper we must us – and how many tunes. It is like a virus lying dormant in the organism and just waiting for a signal to break out.

And this signal has been given.