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The System is dead – time for solutions?

We will not get around it. The system is definitely and seriously broke.
It no longer serves people in the community.
It now obviously takes the lives of people.
Everyone can now see it – if they dare to choose to see.

The system (those who created it) knows it.
Their administrators and technocrats knows … something.
They have consciously created or unconsciously co-created
a wide range of blockages to human well-being and sovereignty.


A basic blockage is the legal system.
It is described in the article: Law of the Land and Maritime Law.
This falsified legal system is international, even though it is locally rooted.
It has many years behind it, and it permeates all aspects of human life.

The solution is comprehensive. It requires a series of breakthroughs that will come locally. It cannot solely be implemented through the legislation system introduced as a blockade. It must be done by something completely new paving the way for both public enlightenment, that is to say, a revival, about this complex – and it is complicated – and clear examples of the legal system having to throw in the towel via test cases. The corrupt legal system must therefore be challenged via a deliberate response to the rituals of submission that it has set up.

This is probably the most radical one can imagine. Without Maritime Law, where people’s identities are stolen and abused from birth, this system would collapse. It requires people who have thoroughly studied Natural Law and the Law of the Land and who know the terminology and technology of the corrupt system in order to override the real law of people and country.

One of the institutions that needs to be dismantled is the Vatican. It is through this beast, that the system has been able to exist for centuries, for it is they who have established the version we know. We are not talking about the Catholic Church here, but about the coup-maker organization / corporation that took over the slave system that the Roman Empire created. And as a parasiteit has lived inside the Catholic Church. Peace and compassion to all faithful believers, but you must realize that the leadership of your church is thoroughly corrupt beyond redemption.


Another basic blockage is the poisoning and blunting of the media. Without reliable information, there is no chance of a change for the better. All evil starts in communication. If people still think they are helpless and without possibility to do anything themselves, then nothing happens.

The solution has been simmering in the subsoil for at least 10-15 years, and now it has broken out into a light cap. Let’s just call it a war between the mass media controlled centrally by the great brown sewer stream of disinfo and a wildly branched network of open source journalism – of fluctuating quality for sure. But this fluctuating and at times dubious quality can not possibly be worse than that which the established ruling media have achieved and which in these times has reached the bottom.

Reliable info also includes a change of attitude among users. From being passive consumers deeply rooted in the couch with lowered jaws and dead eyes, we need to become users with a critical, selective and especially active handling of information.

The social media that was promising in the basic idea is now poisoned and corrupt. Maybe that was in fact the basic idea. But they can still be used for something other than promoting indifference and passivation. The BigTech companies must now be fought as our worst opponent. And it’s coming forth, because a lot of companies and lately also governments are starting to see what they’re doing and how it’s deeply detrimental to societies. New platforms are needed that actually do what the Tech Giants said they were doing. And there is also a need for a direct confrontation with those responsible for the misdeeds to be held accountable. There must be VERY large fines. It will only be possible through increasing pressure from below, because the politicians have so far provided nothing but … a blowjob! Blow them out!


An ancient block to human well-being is economics. Through a millennium-long retention of the debt principle, it has created what we understand by the global central banking system. Or rather: generally do not understand. Even economists in higher education in economics are not taught, what money creation is. Marxists have no idea about it, since Marx was paid by the central bankers not to write about it. Governments never talk about the actual ownership of their so called national banks.

Undeclared work is condemned as tax evasion, but no one talks about what tax is and that all income tax is illegal war tax extended in peacetime. Nobody is talking about the tax authorities collecting money that they donate to the multinational / globalist syndicates so that they can avoid paying taxes and thrive in their tax heavens.

The solution has to do with yet another blockade: States have banned the formation of alternative currencies. But it is at the same time the weak point of the oppressive state. Alternative currencies and economies exist and are legal in certain areas. WirGeld and NurGeld are available in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The Bristol Pound is a reality, where the local pound can only be invested and redeemed locally. Large companies have created their own system for barter economy = exchange economy, so why should small companies and associations not do the same? Time-Banking is a reality, which completely bypasses money but lists invested time for exchange. There are alternative banks that do not predator-milk their customers – by the way, it was the same as the savings banks did just 50 -60 years ago … and where did they end up?

On the very large scale, there is the esoteric-underlying global financial system that NOBODY talks about. The Unknown Country is as unknown as its name but very real. Here, there may be a handshake in the long run. But only after a global change of attitude.


The biggest blockage to a qualified food supply is the food industry. And the life for human beings that the industrial society created, where people slowly forgot what had kept humanity alive: the land, the plants, the animals, and basic knowledge of local self-sufficiency. The principle of subsidiarity and trust disappeared – ALL was swallowed up by the great distant machine.

One cannot say that actual poverty set in, but a slow erosion of the private economy, so that a family’s double income was necessary forcing people to choose cheap and large. And to downplay quality, because now we no longer recognize quality. A consumer-industrial complex emerged.

In fact, one can well mass produce quality. But why do it as long as people are willing to eat shit and drink toilet water? That is the logic of the industry. People are content to be fed up just another day, and are unable to see the link between malnutrition and low energy + disease. Vegetables and meat were far healthier 100 years ago, but the human memory needed to see even obvious connections has been shattered as knowledge as a tradition between the generations has been weakened. Without a strong tradition = inter-generational memory – one can not understand this.

The solution is a strengthening of all forms of revival of ancient knowledge of home production and food preservation. Combined with buycot and boycott, ie active choice of quality. Buy what promotes live, dump what doesn’t. Here you will then see a decrease in price of quality, because with greater demand gives more profitability. A lot of bureaucracy needs to be removed, because whole complexes of restrictions and taxes are only created by corporate lobbyism to prevent people from small farms and their initiatives. Unfortunately, people have too willingly sold their lives and well-being for ‘security’, a security that is often pure imagination.

Den ultimative løsning, den langtidsholdbare og helstøbte er Life Force Food, Farming and Gardening. 

Se Life Force 1 og 2, interview med Susanne Hovmand. Og denne helhedsløsning, der er en kombination af en hel række kendte og særdeles veludviklede løsninger, er fuldstændigt tilgængelig.


We can no longer rely on the education system. It is created solely to reproduce labor for the labor machine. It does not even teach people to read, write and count anymore. Roughly speaking. It is to put it bluntly, and we cannot abolish schools as a whole. But a gifted child in the right environment can learn everything he or she needs and more without going to any school. But where are the parents, siblings, circle of friends who can afford it?

A perhaps ‘unintended side effect’ of the entire Covid scam and shutdown repatriation may be that some have opened their eyes to homeschooling. Along with all the intended side effects that have done further harm to education. On-line can never replace presence. I can say this with great certainty and quite a bit of authority, as I myself work on a daily basis to establish and support online activities in one of Denmark’s largest companies. It’s fine to be able to use these utilities, but as a real substitute it’s illusionary. And people are really frustrated. Children are deeply frustrated.

The solution has arrived with the necessity. We are now forced to become self-sufficient in education. As with information, we must learn to avoid mainstream mockingbird media and the system. All knowledge is available. Throw school books to hell and start all over. And yes, it does, of course, make room for both charlatans and lower minded people. There will be many school teachers who, on reflection, and when the panic has subsided, would love to impart actual knowledge. That, after all, is what they have learned. Just as many journalists would love to practice the subject they have learned but which they are no longer allowed to. Quite a few of them would also love to be relaxed the ideological wagon and the burdensome political correctness. Only the most brain-dead-brainwashed would push it further. But they wanted to die, because now they could propagandize to an utterly absurd degree and actually practice their messages, but hey: They turn out to be unrealizable – they were a lie! And they can no longer with the State’s stamp of approval sniff, force and tyrannize others to believe, think, speak and do as they do, for who cares to be laughed at?

Part of the education system is thoroughly corrupt. The neo-Marxist infiltration has to be stopped. It needs to be brought to light so that people can see that their children and young people have been deliberately brainwashed. Shouldn’t we thank the Americans for playing their cards so clearly and created a serious backlash? Unfortunately and in return, it has torn societies apart and created a grotesque polarization. After all, there are plenty of people who have bought and swallowed the brainwashing. The damage has been done and it is huge. New solutions are required here. People need to take action – and they are!

Perhaps the school system will survive and renew itself. But the most important part of schooling will take place outside of school. Children must to be taken away from their masturbation with gaming and online flicker. It eats up their life energy and deprives them of initiative. They get sick, lazy, stupid and irresponsible and it steals important years out of their lives. But how to sell it without old-fashioned coercion and prohibition? Gaming is a very strong addictive medium and it has certainly not gotten any better in these times of lockdown. There must be a better offer. Does anyone see a solution here?


Our energy supply is becoming obsolete. Also the so-called alternatives. Quite different kinds of energy production have long been developed that will be able to pull the rug away under the previous one. At the same time, it is the blockade, because the energy industry is deeply dependent on the status quo, and their enormous power has so far been able to suppress everything else.

The solution is the release of patents that have been stolen and hidden away. Which is a bit heavy, as they are just … stolen and hidden away. But another parallel solution is Open Source technology. If the developers of similar technology – for it is reinvented as quickly as it is stolen – would make sure in their own interest to dump their blueprints so that everyone could reproduce them and further develop them, then the techno-thieves and patent pirates would not be able to keep up. Once the cat is out of the bag, and people all over the world have seen sufficient and working examples, it can no longer be denied and hidden and / or demonized as dangerous, then the game is over and the energy industry will fall apart.


More than ever, we need a democratization of science. Science has been sitting in their sheltered workshops with their poisonous funds for far too long. For far too long, they have been hiding behind arrogance and ignorance. We have enough knowledge, but knowledge is not available for other knowledge, knowledge does not communicate with knowledge, knowledge is not exchanged and brought together. Everything exists as fragments. Now there is a need for someone to conceive knowledge. It will be a huge challenge for science and they will do a lot to get rid of it.

Knowledge is power, and in serving technocracy science has gained relative power. But what science forgets is, that it is only relative, for the real power owns them. There is no free research. It’s not even fun anymore to be a researcher, because they spend half their time begging for money to reserach.

The solution is in full throttle. Like journalism and teaching, the time has come for Open Source science. Let thousands of Inventors get on the field. They exist and they are already skilled. Let the hidden knowledge come for a day. Let’s get people talking about vastly different sciences across disciplines and sub-disciplines of sub-disciplines of sub-disciplines that have ended up in Babylonian conceptual confusion.

And let us not, for all intents and purposes, be duped by the supremacy of science, its exaltation of itself into religion and the highest authority of the universe. Science is deeply insecure about itself and inflates itself as overcompensation. Let’s throw ourselves into the game with curiosity. Scientists will at first step back with contempt. But before long, they will feel provoked to contribute. They know stuff, they have spent their whole lives on stuff, but they have ended up in their niches and enclosed. Then again: this is not even fun anymore.


History is memory. Without past, no present.
Without the present, no future.
Without memory, no tradition.
Without tradition no transfer of knowledge.
Without knowledge transferred, no solutions across generations.

To think that one is allowed to rewrite 100 generations of knowledge for one’s own convenience is laughable.
And not only is it for laughs, it is for the shaking of the head.
And not only is it for the shaking of the head, it is for deep injury
for the generations to come now have to start over Ctrl + Alt + Delete again-again.
They have their full right to piss on our graves for stealing their heritage and their rightful knowledge.

The solution is to cancel all history writing and storytelling based on someone winning a war and wanting to flaunt their victory at the expense of losers as well as victims, internally as well as externally.
Writing history must be taken away from war mongering propagandists and given back to PEOPLE.


Either democracy must be declared dead. Or it must be emancipated. Power must be taken out of the hands of those who are sick of power and those who are more than willing to abuse it. It has NEVER been the intention that politicians should be able to behave like despots in the way we have seen it in 2020/21. This kind of hijacked democracy is a blockade of all that is claimed to constitute a democracy. It has become its own worst enemy.

It has happened because people have slowly been seduced into eroding the idea, and because they have sat down on the couch and lowered behind and their lower jaws into a big DUH! They themselves have seen democracy perverted before their noses. It has NEVER been the idea for people to be consumers of democracy, it is directly contrary to even the word. If the people do not rule – democracy – then they do not rule. And then they have no democracy.

People thought it was free. The rulers saw it and said to themselves: Fine, then we control and sell it to the highest bidder. They outsourced democracy, just as companies outsourced themselves to the 3rd world, where they had the opportunity to hire underpaid proletarians to bone their own lives. We know how that adventure went, it’s called globalism, and it’s a global scandal. The companies could do it because they were private. That the State and the government and the elected politicians also did so and called it legal – but according to their own standard it would be called treason.

The solution is still, has always been, and will always be, that people realize that they have the rule that they have approved. It’s called fascism. People have voted for it and now they have got it.

It is perhaps the most difficult of the solutions, for without an awakening to deed, no democracy will ever emerge. One hope lies in the fact that people are now so discouraged by the fascist shutdowns (which they have voted for and approved) that they are forced into deeds to simply survive.

This leads us directly to:


We will not survive if we continue to be forced to – and accept to be forced to be ill. The globalists Covid-19 operation is a forced disease. Vaccines are injected pathogens which are accepted. We are going to see a truly global pandemic of vaccine deaths and injuries. For some, the damage will arrive directly after the vaccine, but for most, it will be stored in the body to strike out months later. Thereby, it will be possible for the abusive authorities to claim that there is no connection, or that a new and worse mutation has now arrived, and that it is this (and thus not they) who are to blame. Which then requires a new shot that has not been thoroughly tested either. Incidentally, remember that Covid-19 as a virus has never been isolated, which is usually the bottomline criterion for developing a vaccine, which in turn usually takes up to 10 years. So is it ‘new normal’ that one can ignore all that?

Another glaring example that treatment is far worse than the disease. A cancer patient in chemo dies of the chemo and not of the cancer as such. This could have been treated and probably cured in another way, but a for-profit cancer industry has not been interested. In the example polio vaccine, it turned out that the vaccine WAS the disease. Smallpox vaccines in Africa contained the HIV virus. Baxter’s vaccines for years contain the H1N1 flu, and they had to recall giant parties when journalist Jane Burgermeister revealed their scam. Nobody wants the new Covid vaccine, so now governments have to make it compulsory to get it into the body of the people.

The solution has been there all along. That is not the question. The question is whether people have known that the solution = 1000s of solutions have been there and are there. The medical industry has so far succeeded in blocking the spread of knowledge about real health. Example: The judgmental and terrifying media spin to prevent effective and well-tested cures such as Cloraquine + zinc etc. It’s all about the human immune system and defense. But there is forced silence on that subject.

So the solution is really a change of attitude. Also, many doctors and health workers have been very puzzled and angry that politicians have deprived them of their professionalism. Many have said the media has tried to stifle their protests. But they have to keep going and reinforce it further, because now their own lives and work are at stake. In the vaccine wave, many of their lives will also go to. Some will see the connection.

The link between health and nutrition has been stark on the defensive. You can not get many doctors to say anything sensible about nutrition. There is no money and positions in that kind of nonsense.


Common denominator

Common to all these solutions is a shift in attitude:

  • Do not ask the state and its authorities for permission to do anything. DO IT! It is called civil disobedience, and the state will no doubt try to punish it. Ask, in turn, whether it is a criminal offense to defend oneself against the aggression of a criminal state that has violated precisely the principles that have formed it? Is it not rather our duty to the common good and the nation to do so?
  • Do not wait for the state or the authorities to come and save us from the consequences of the atrocities the state or the authorities themselves have committed against us. This is equivalent to a pedophile married couple with proven sexual abuse of their children being promoted to orphanage principals.
  • Basically, stop expecting the state, authorities and authorities to see themselves as a service to us (servus = servant), and that they serve the common good (which they should) – until proven. As the country stands at present, they have proved that they are NOT serving the well-being of the people. In the meantime, they have got other masters and masters that they serve.

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