The Gangster President

Here are 6 quick questions about the state of affairs in United Bluff:

  • Who is this ridiculous man they now call president? a question a lot of people both in and outside the country where they call him president are asking themselves.
  • Who is this dirty and corrupt criminal type, this old perv who was apparently incarcerated in the top office in the United States? We know for sure, he was not elected. Even many of his own constituents are aware of something completely and utterly and terribly wrong. So he is deployed without being elected.
  • How could that even take place? So who did it, how did they do it, how did they get away with it
  • How has the media in the West – as an example just in this Scandinavian country – managed to completely pretend to be nothing? They all talk about the idiot, as if there is nothing there, and everything has gone right after the book. They talk about it as if it were real reality – WOW!
  • Is the man president at all or just an empty shell in a big make-pretend theater?
  • Does the man live at all? At the time of writing, February 28, 2021, he has not been seen in public for an entire month. The same way he was hiding in a basement during the election campaign.

First of all, there are a number of heads of state in both large and small countries, who have directly stated that they count it all as a scam and do not consider the United States to have a real and credible government. So they want nothing to do with it. The leader of 140 million Russians has said, the leader of 1.4+ billion Indians has said so. The leader of 1.44 billion Chinese knows this, because he himself helped make it happen – he, in turn, does not say anything publicly about it.

They know it

If that is the case, an estimate would be that at least half of the worlds leaders know it, but that not everyone dare to comment on it. They know all too well US policy before Donald Trump and know that they any time yet again will subject to CIA coups, support for colored revolutions, direct aggression and attacks, proxy terrorism, dollar imperialism and now the new great phenomenon: digital colonialism. It was Indian President Nahendra Modi who introduced the term in connection with their counterattack against the digital mafia Google-Gestapo-Twitter-YouTube-Facebook during the initial case against poor Greta Thunberg, who allowed herself to be abused for a Twitter propaganda campaign against the government. The Indians did not tolerate that, so now they have filed a case for interference in the country’s internal affairs against the girl who has been run in the position of the global fascists’ insulting whine with how dare you! and all that theater circus. I guess they think the case is a slippery slope, because it does not look good.

The case is a good example of organized foreign intervention in the domestic affair of a country by targeting internal conflicts. Nahendra Modi has a conflict with the peasants of India, doesn’t look good for his part. He wants to modernize Indian agriculture, and the peasants do not agree with his ways of doing that, knowing all too well, that this will mean more slavery, more GMO, more debt and dependence of BigAgro. Modi’s idea of modernization is unhealthy. But the point is, that the globalist think tank, who have absolutely no empathy for the Indians or the peasants, have targeted the conflict and seeks to use it.

So world leaders and their peoples know very well the United States’ way of behaving, the style that has been prevalent throughout the post-war period through the Cold War and was further reinforced during the Clinton-Bush-Obama periods. A fact that many Americans unfortunately find difficult to face, just as many Britons have had a hard time understanding how the British Empire has committed one atrocity and genocide after another. The Indians would know more than anyone else. During the Trump era, however, a certain recognition broke through, and war fatigue became a regular topic of conversation. The Americans began to understand that ‘greatness’ had nothing to do with degrading other nations – that is, the old British world order and ruling style. They probably should have known better, as the British Crown was the enemy that created the nation through a war of independence. They were slowly and cunningly retrieved back into the fold and made a tool for the Crown. They became the Crown’s muscle dog, as the Crown itself had lost its impact after the collapse of the British economy just after WW2. And Americans, meanwhile, had become a historyless people free-floating in their consumer self-preoccupation.

So what happened in early spring or late winter 2021 as a signal that the world is now returning to neo-cold war > hot war like under Bush and Obama? A habit that – like him or not – had been stopped under Trump? The proxy terror war against Syria. The Americans bombed a locality in Syria! They played with the muscles and signaled to the whole world what to expect in the time to come, especially if they did not do justice to the new administration. The warlords are back in power you guys out there, just so you know!

The Shadow President

As rarely before, one has the feeling a shadow character has been inserted. There is a descreet feeling, that the man is no longer alive at all. But it may just as well be a clone or a look-alike in that case that have been put in place. Right now, they may be using pre-recorded clips, because he is not out there answering questions from the press, just as he hid like a dog in the basement during the election campaign. It is said that he was not informed at all about the attack in Syria and the Russians were notified five minutes before. They are, of course, furious and are no doubt in the process of taking their precautions. They have not failed to point out that they are actually on a legal errand in the region unlike the Americans. As you know, the Russians have been invited by Syrian President Assad. A few days later, an Israeli bomb attack came on Damascus. Then we know very well who is back in business and who is once again pulling the strings when American doll presidents are made to dance.

Two further incidents suggest that the actual aggression comes from Israel, the headquarters of Chabad, which considers itself to be the actual world government. Meaning: not Israel as a country of everyday honest jews but Israal as the strategic hiding place for this sinister group. In ancient times they were known as the Sanhedrin but went underground due to the Roman Empire. Israelis have quite recently (early March 2021) accused the Iranians of attacking an Israeli container ship called the M V Helios Ray – which was in fact an attack they had arranged themselves. At the same time, there are reports of a possible coming attack on the United States with tactical nuclear weapons carried out by small boats. Which we know the Iranians would be capable of from exercises held in the Persian Gulf. The weapons are Chinese made. Again, it will not be the Iranians themselves who carry out that kind of dirty operation, and why should Iran start a nuclear war with the United States and thus annihilate itself? So … Chabad again. It will then be ‘Joe Bidens’ 9/11 moment. Remember that Iran was on the original list of countries in the Middle East and Central Asia that were to be bombed according to the list that former NATO general Wesely-Clark told a TV journalist that he had received from the then Foreign Minister Donald Rumsfeld, who for his part had received it, as he said: ‘from above’. It was then just before the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Later came Sudan, Libya and Syria, but they did not get to Iran. And who was the hidden hand in 9/11? Chabad again (the Mossad).

And what kind of weird shadow cabinet this is, the Joe Biden circus! It is first of all a government in which the first 10 members are people with dual citizenship (US-Israeli). So they are Zionists. It tells the same story about who has had their fingers in the game. First, they clung to Donald Trump all the way into his family. How is the relationship right now between the man and the son-in-law, the Mossad agent, the Chabad tool? And then they stabbed him in the back. Of course, it is theoretically possible that he played the role of double agent all the time, and there are people I have hung out with before who are very much into that theory. I’m not entirely dismissive, but I still do not consider it likely. Maybe he thought, that he could handle them in the end but didn’t get that far.

The next thing that happened after the pseudo inauguration on January 6th – this weird joyless empty ritual where people sat with stiff faces waiting for … what? (the bomb installed under the government building didn’t go off, someone had disarmed it) – was that dozens of regulations and presidential executive orderes, that started to spill out, all with the purpose to remove the steps that Trump had taken. And in a hurry – why this hurry? Are they only too aware, that the huge election fraud would come to be seen as the producer of a fraudulent government by the people. It was clearly not mafioso Joe Biden who had written these executive orders, and at one point he was heard mumbling senile into the microphone that he had no idea what he was signing. He had just been told to do it. A little later, he could not hit the inside pocket with his pen. The man is a senile wreck that they pull up from the basement when he has to sign.

Talking about the basement: the government is not run by elected officials. It is run by a stack of faceless fascist generals also hiding in the basement under Washington DC. Unlike the generals in South America during the Dirty War, they are not public figures. They are called the Continuity of Government. Meaning: They continue down there to govern their way for their sake regardless of whoever is put into office ‘up there’. Everyone knows that there are huge areas of underground infrastructure throughout the DC government area. It’s one giant bunker. So: somewhere in this complex is the meeting room for the stack of coup generals who send signals to the surface about what puppet politicians should say and do and poop in. For instance, the streak of absurd theatre pieces by which the Democrats in Trump’s 4 years got away with doing no political work other than sabotaging all governmental work, and now they get away with revolutionizing. Remember what that means: re-volo in Latin = to roll back. Revolutions, contrary to what people imagine, are always rolling back to a less advanced state than before. They are trying to repeat the operation during the Russian Revolution to basically destroy the whole American culture, its constitution, its economy and its social life, freedom and liberties and all the prosperity that has prevailed in the last century. AND: remove all resistance to the country being smashed.

Puppets and Globalists

The globalists now have find a way out of the Covid stunt, as it has become too embarrassing – at the same time as they must try to maintain the theft of freedom, rights and welfare that they got away with via the stunt. Now the election is over, and they got rid of Trump. Covid had too much to do with the election, but they can not admit it, because then people lose the last bit of confidence. According to direct statements released by the uber fascists in Davos at the World Economic Forum, it all has to do with the Great Global Reset, the ultimate power grab of the world community and the planetary economy. That’s why they fought fiercely for 4 years to get rid of Trump, because he got in their way. He simply did not belong to the club like Hillary. It is also the main reason why the theories about Trump as a dual agent do not really fit well. The plan was, as some are familiar with, the so-called 16-year plan, in which Obama was to pave the way and Hillary was to complete the dirty job of making the United States a totalitarian fascist state. Or a red-fascist communist state if you would rather use that term. It is completely subordinate, because the globalists fancy both black and red, preferably at the same time.

The roll-out of digital colonialism both internally in the West and towards the South and the East is part of the operation. Wokeness and cancel culture and digital censorship are closely related to this. The Biden administration is now talking directly about cracking down Lenin-and-Mao style on anyone who has backed Trump and anyone who thinks anything other than them. They must be canceled, expelled, persecuted, a foul witch hunt is about to start. They must at least keep their mouths shut, so they must be denied access to speak. Then they must be completely disarmed … and good luck with that given the Americans’ relationship to guns and the sheer number of guns in circulation. It is precisely the fact that the Americans are armed to the teeth that has kept any external enemy from thinking of an invasion. The real enemy of the Americans is not the external, it is the internal: their own government. AND that this government has also let the Trojan horse inside: the Zionists and the Chinese, in mentionened order.

During the Trump era, we witnessed how a stack of Democratic governors and mayors of major cities cheeringly applauded their cities and districts being smashed by fascist stormtroopers Antifa and Black Lives Matter. These were the same areas and states in the United States where the systematic and extensive electoral fraud took place. It was also here that the most totalitarian pandemic shutdowns were introduced, which together resulted in mass immigration of Native Americans to neighboring states. Recently, 5 districts in Oregon have voted for secession, which means separation from the federal state and new affiliation with a major Idaho. It has meant wandering from the formerly so vibrant and now ghost town of New York, where 70% of all shops and businesses are closed and most of them probably will not come up again, for their owners have gone bankrupt, This popular escape is massive. The ultra-corrupt mafioso and governor Andrew Cuomo was responsible for it, but has now steeped into a wave of corruption scandals, among others what seems to be a deliberate mass murder of 10,000 elderly people in nursing homes, that perished after the man’s move to close infected people directly into the care centers. Likewise, emigration from California is massive, and now its corrupt governor Gavin Newsom is being overtaken by his misdeeds, for a signature collection of 1.5 million is paving the way for his removal – according to US law this can take place.

The government at war with the people

One of the states where many have sought refuge is Texas. So what did the Biden administration do as one of the first things? They shut down the oil industry in Texas. And it got worse: they started a test balloon, a test operation of whether or not they could turn off the power supply for a large area, which succeeded largely in the coldest time. What was Joe Biden mumbling about on one of his visits to the surface from his basement hideout: A Dark Winter!? How should it be understood, one thought at the time. Well like that, one thought recently. He was informed about it the in 2020. It was in the same period that we heard the global fascists from Davos and their grotesque monster of a spokesman, Klaus Schwab, spread that they saw the next threat as cyber attacks that could go beyond the power supply. So they knew it all, because there was their action. Like they knew all about Covid surgery before, because that was what they were preparing for the big simulation exercise in New York in January 2020 called Event 201, where the globalists practiced a scenario of global shutdown based on a new coronavirus! How obvious does it ever get? Months before, the world had started talking about it.

One cannot help but think of how 9/11 stood out in the PNAC document – Project for the New American Century – a year before the incident. Again an incident with a certain stench of Mossad. They called it the need for a new Pearl Harbor that could provide the motivation for the U.S. military presence worldwide on a permanent basis. Back then it was called The War on Terror, today it is called the war on the invisible enemy. Is it difficult to spot the pattern? These guys are so blatantly arrogant that they talk out loud about all the misdeeds they intend to commit. They brag about it!

So they made a test balloon with the state ofTexas. A perfect exercise area, because if they could shut off the power in such a large state, then could do the same in all countries of the same size anywhere in the world. Then, according to my source, there was a counter-action that deprived the globalists of the opportunity to just hack into government energy supply programs. So what do the globalists do = the US front-cover administration with the Joe Biden facade? They raise the price of power supply drastically so people can not afford it! There is simply a genocide going on!

Who is this Joe Biden?

Let’s pretend and speak in the present, even though rumors say he is no longer alive, and something suggests that this may be true.

We’re talking about one of the worst family-based mafia syndicates in the United States. Only surpassed by the Bush dynasty and the Clinton family. The Biden family has a long, honorable tradition of slavery . If you listen to Sleepy Joe’s statements, his contempt for blacks shines through ( If you do not vote for me, you ain’t black ). Another family tradition is pedophilia. There are dozens of video clips out there with Creepy Joe who can’t help but grabble little girls for open screen and ‘smell their hair’! And then there is his billion-dollar corruption in Ukraine and China. All members of the family have a pile of dirt in stock, and most recently there has been an embarrassing focus on Hunter Biden’s affair with drugs, underage prostitutes and industrial espionage / money laundering. He has received large sums of money to convey paid influence on his father – pay-for-play. Joe, for his part, has in the most unsympathetic way left his tormented and incompetent son in the lurch, and he claims that he has never discussed business and politics with his son or the other family members. So right up until the crack head forgot a computer in a repair shop with piles of dirt on it, including emails that blankly revealed his father’s filth.

Of course, Biden was never meant to be president in the long run, because he is case of senile dementia. It was always intended, that Kamala Harris should be smuggled in and take over right after the election. But this would only be possible through extensive electoral fraud and manipulation of the information and electoral apparatus, which shows that it was part of the plan. So there was nothing left but to cheat. Already on election night and during the night, they began to stop counting in the democratically controlled swing states, so that they could drive trucks full of fake ballot papers, which were all for Biden. The blue curves cracked completely artificially upwards, and the red ones curves stagnated while the mockingbird media immediately proclaimed Biden the winner.

They have not yet replaced the basement president with his vice president. Maybe they are waiting so as not to attract too much attention. It’s too obvious. And how should an incompetent and dirty police attorney (she threw loads of black Californians in jail for life on dubious legal grounds without the possibility of appeal), a giggling weirdo (Hillary’s mistress!) without much political experience behave on a world stage with driven statesmen? Remember how a Barack Obama was completely torn apart by Vladimir Putin in connection with the Syrian war. And he was at least popular because he was a better actor. Remember how Kamala Harris was deeply unpopular during the election campaign and very quickly kicked out.

So this strange shadow cabinet, probably the strangest in American history, has held the facade for almost two months – actually four months, since they started after the election in November. You could also say that they started in December 2016, because it is the same scary basement people who have been operating all the time. Or furthermore – the same ones who organized the coup and the takeover of the state apparatus after the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

They represent the cancer – cancel culture, cancer culture – that has lived in the United States from the beginning of the Nation. The whole of American history can be boiled down and simplified to a single principle: the constant war between the Crown / the bankers and the American people. Apart from the War of Independence itself, it has never been clearer than today. The American war is the war on the world population by this global cancer, and if the American people lose the battle, we will all lose each in our own way.

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