Outer Mongolia has checked in

I have promised myself to celebrate it.
Mongolia has checked in!
Let me explain what I mean, but first take a look at the map.

NedersteEtage World Map

NedersteEtage World Map

The map is a special plugin on WordPress, the CMS system under and the main site in Danish + English It’s called DrawAttention. It records where in the World, the site is being read. The blue areas / countries are where is discovered. The gray areas have not checked in yet. The probability that I may have overlooked countries in the gray fields is quite high.

The real plugin can be seen HERE and you will be able to click the countries and se the names and some info.

It’s surprising how far has reached. This is partly because there is an English part of the site with directly translated articles, the same as here. But that cannot explain it, for the phenomenon existed before there were direct translations. It must mean that Google translating in a big way – is one of the good sides of techno-fascism – nothing is so bad that it’s not good for something.

Today, someone in Outer Mongolia, Genghis Khan’s territory, fell over It should be celebrated. A tribute, a praise to the steppes, the camels, the horses, the archers and the yurts shall sound from here.

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