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The Pandemonian Food Chain

A bat was sold at a market in Wuhan, and then the big circus was released. It happens to be.
BEEP! Wrong explanation and there are no thinking individuals who believe in the fairy tale.

  • The Wuhan Institute of Virology is owned by the pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline.
  • Glaxo Smith Kline happens to own another pharmaceutical company called Phizer.
  • Phizer happens to be producing the vaccine against the virus
    which happened to be developed at the laboratory in Wuhan.
  • The institute happens to be funded by the person under the Trump administration and with the President’s blessing! who was the main man behind the campaign for shutdowns, mask games and mass vaccination: Anthony Fauci.
  • Glaxo Smith Kline is run by the finance department of Blackrock, which also runs the George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, which happens to run AXA.
  • George Soros owns the German company Wintherthur, which happened to be building the laboratory in Wuhan.
  • Wintherthur has Vanguard as a shareholder, who also owns shares in Blackrock, which manages 1/3 of the international financial capital and also happens to be a major shareholder in Microsoft, owned by Bill Gates, who happens to be a shareholder in Phizer.
  • Coincidentally, Bill Gates, along with Phizer, is also the main sponsor of the WHO, whose activity in Operation Lockdown and the promotion of vaccines has followed the wishes of their main sponsors.
  • These stakeholders + other financial houses + the World Economic Forum also happened to be present at a simulation exercise called Event 201 in New York months before the outbreak, where they practiced shutting down the international community if happened to occur in a very specific scenario with a infectious disease in a very specific category – you know – and how to subsequently make sure that the ‘right’ information and ONLY THIS came out to the public.

The world currently seems to be full of striking coincidences.

They call themselves the problem solvers

When we come across people who offer solutions to human problems, for safety’s sake, a few red lights should show up on the display. Especially if their offer means, by which we have to hand over something in return. Our money, for example.

We often seem to forget one important thing. These professional problem solvers live off one particular thing: that someone has a problem. If people do not have problems, then the problem solvers’ business case has no legs to go on, and then they go bankrupt. That realization opens up a paradox: that problem solvers are not really interested in solving people’s problems. They are interested in maintaining the problems in a way that simulates a solution in the first place, but which ensures that the problem returns in the long run.

The problem solvers’ business case is based on addiction. They are problem-pushers and their drug is addictive. In some cases, they even create the very problem that later offers a solution for.

There are truly problem solvers. Professionalism in its basic form is about skill and competence. There are crafts / disciplines that require special skills that only a few have. It is understood and recognized. That’s not what we’re talking about here. Real problem solvers create respect and solutions, not addiction.

Examples of false problem solvers:

The State

Now, of course, the State is a big deal, so it’s a little overreach to claim that the State never solves problems. But a fact with the state in its current form and especially in the overgrown form we know in Denmark, is that the state makes a living from creating addiction. A healthy state should support the people in creating non-addictive independence. It does not. Instead, it has created a parasite class in this country, which is now at 1.3 million in a population of 5.5 millions, and which is growing day by day. The state must be asked for permission for EVERYTHING! On the other hand, the multinational cartels and syndicates NEVER have to ask the State for permission to do ANYTHING, because they have been given ṕermission in advance. The state has in fact also put cowardice in system. The state refuses to confront the global cartels and instead chooses to ask them: What can we do for you?

Insurance business

If there were no death and misfortune, this industry would not exist. We will hardly do without insurance, because an accident can become an expensive thing. However, the industry is very observant of anything that can go wrong, and they do not hesitate to make people aware of it. We are supposed to be afraid of EVERYTHING that can go wrong in life, because otherwise we would not typically pay 10,000 kroner a year in insurance.

Scurity equipment

There is a monstrous amount of laws and regulations when someone wants to build a house. One cannot just build a shed and move into it. EVERYTHING is regulated. The state says it’s for people’s own sake, but it’s total bullshit. It has come about through lobbying from the construction industry, which has monopolized everything that has to do with construction. The state and municipality, on the other hand, do not intervene in speculative construction with an ultra-short lifespan built with scraped budgeted junk materials erected by junk craftsmen on a junk contract basis.

Cars today must be equipped with safety equipment in the head and ass. Then it is strange that cars from 1956 can still drive around in good condition, while a car from 2006 is ripe for scrapping. It’s also strange that mechanics breathe a sigh of relief when they see a 2009 engine without a host of filters that take hours to disassemble. Then it is strange that a modern car can be hacked like a computer, which it also is.

National and international security policy

Én kæmpestor joke. Sikkerhedspolitik eller geopolitik set fra de store, magtfulde spilleres synspunkt handler om at skabe så meget usikkerhed, at der kan interveneres og domineres. 

For almost two centuries, American security policy has been defined in Henry Kissinger’s mentality (this man refuses to die). It’s called Strategy of Tension and Balkanization. Be sure to set fire to conflicts so that regional civil war breaks out. In the midst of confusion, the Empire arrives – always.

The pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare system

The best example at all of an industry that itself creates all the problems that it has set out to solve, which it never does. For some reason, it clicks for people when the term health is added. Medicinal- , people think, well then there must be some nice people who worry about curing people of their diseases.

BEEP! wrong assumption. They worry about how sick you are in relation to how much medicine they can sell you. If you get well and healed, then they become seriously worried.

Their latest global initiative with C-Virus and vaccines is to date the clearest example of this business-case thinking from a backless and morally liberated industry.


They occasionally call themselves occupational psychologists , which is not a protected title, which is why it can be pulled into a convenient slot machine in the United States. There are real psychologists sometimes, there are also honorable, competent ones, but the industry is full of charlatans and pretenders

Their primary starting point is to convince people that they have a problem. Your business has a problem , they say. And when people believe in it, they shoot themselves in. They are experts in one thing, and that is what you have to give them: Smart schemas presented in smart powerpoints followed by smart social-mental group dynamic exercises that bring people back to the kindergarten stage.

Children are dependent on adults, infantilized adults are dependent on: coaches.

Social workers

If a society had not been created in which the welfare state had intervened in the natural social mechanisms, then there would be no need for a mega-corps of social workers. The titles are many as grains of sand in the desert.

And what will you be, little friend, when you grow up?

I want to be a social worker, social educator, social and health assistant, social mayor, social psychologist, sociologist, social research institute employee, socialist, sociopath…

OK that smoked off the track here, but it did not anyway, because social control is the common denominator. If there is no social misery, social confusion and social imbalance, then the social worker has no justification. A functional society has no need for social workers, a dysfunctional society depends on them. Guess which community a pre-established class of social workers is interested in?

The Left Wing

The political solutions, pseudo-de-luxe, alas! An entire political wing = an ideology specializes in offering solutions to problems that they themselves maintain and often create themselves. Their solutions are ALWAYS part of the maintenance. We often mention: problems that they themselves maintain and often create themselves. Their solutions are ALWAYS part of the maintenance. We often mention:

  • Feminism: destroys the relationship between man and woman, destroys the family, makes children functionally orphaned, has created new state-approved mechanisms for women’s exploitation of men. And what’s worst: has betrayed women and female values and strength while invoking the exact opposite.
  • Anti-racism: creates the new racism
  • Antifascism: IS fascism
  • Anti-capitalism: the greatest proponent of monopoly capitalism = globalism
  • Equality: Ideological equality makes all people unequal and practices disrespect for differences between people. Equality up-front creates inequality and injustice back-stage. Equality = indifference = indifference

The statement that everyone is equal is a denial that all people are unequal = unique. The forced equality is part of the social-controlling apparatus of oppression, the mass-produced mass man = the socialist ideal man.
Problem: this ideal human being is an inhuman.

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